Saturday, September 5, 2015

The right tool for the job

The right tool for the job is always the smart move. I once refinished a kitchen floor using only a screwdriver, removing ten or so layers of linoleum. Would have been a bit smoother process with THE RIGHT TOOL, but I guess I had nothing better to do.

Speaking of THE RIGHT TOOL, how about UCI World Mountain Biking going in in Andorra right
But it IS a mountain bike race, after all. (Universal Sports, UCI)
now? Probably half the time, it seems like they should be on CX bikes. Actually, more than half. I'd just run the rock gardens or whatever, and ride the remainder faster. Ah, who am I kidding?

I'm actually THE RIGHT TOOL now, because I'm writing to you from a place many states away from Kansas City. I can only watch you from afar. But I see that things are proceeding as usual. The future is bright. No worries.

Without THE RIGHT TOOL, cyclocross chainlines are a hassle. We've fixed/modernized pretty much everything else, as long as you're running disc brakes and you believe tubulars are modern, But
Wout gets his hands dirty. (TDWSport, VeloNews)
no less a rider than Proxy Niels had his troubles last year at Worlds, then rode laps in like half the time that everyone else did, only to finish second. All too common, dropped chains. This, too, will evolve. 1x11 and narrow-wide, certainly, but I think we'll still be adopting downhill-like guards and guides. Just thoughts on a Saturday.

Speaking of Wout, I believe he's on the starting list for CrossVegas, which is now a big time UCI race and really, the first big race of the year for the European crew. Expect a barnburner, if Wout manages to keep it together. Of course, can't give The Future any slack, either. He was laying low last season, really, and has designs on a good Worlds showing this year. It's right around the corner. It really is happening now.

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