Thursday, September 24, 2015

The first big weekend of the year, really

Having ridden the Raytown BMX track, I can confirm it's a awesome place for bike racing. and you know Volker Bicycles/Colavita always puts on a bash. Do not miss this one!

Cyclocross at Raytown BMX

Over the ocean there, presumably everyone is over the jetlag from day(s) in Las Vegas, and will get the season under way for real Saturday with GP-Neerpelt. Expect this year to look a lot like last year, only with Lars getting to the line first.

Last year there:

Sunday, the same Fast Euro Guys throw-down will happen at Steenbergcross, and I can't call that until I see who wins Saturday. (But I'm betting it will be one of those ten-year-olds from last year shown on the Steenberg Website this year around.) Do NOT miss their parcours photo gallery (scroll down a bit). Too cool.

In Southern California the Socalcross Prestige Series kicks off Sunday at Glendale's Verdugo Park, a racer favorite.

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