Monday, September 28, 2015

A few things I learned this week

1. Don't bet against Wout*, yet anyway. Three for three on the season, and it's still September. When's Worlds again?

2. I take it back. KC races aren't dusty.

3. Stybar had a shot, and Sagan made his stick. CX guys representing.

4. This stuff works, and is proven in thorn country. Do one part of the latex to a bit less than one part of the green stuff, then about 2/3 as much of the pink stuff. Shake, then pour into your tires. Mold Builder was $11 something at Hobby Lobby with their never-ending Web coupon. The Slime was $6 or so at WM. The safe RV AF was 2 or 3 something there, too. Altogether, you can make about 2.5 times as much as Stan does, and about 12 times as much as the orange stuff. And the color is awesome. Use as described above for CX tubeless. Use twice as much green as the latex, and half as much pink if you put into tubes. YMMV. But just sayin'.

5. Hurray for equal payout at Joules, don't forget to TT this weekend.

* Narrow bars. A lot of drop. Road position. Bigger gears than you run. I knew this kid would be hot coming into the season, but he's making that other Belgian guy look like Joe Namath in a Rams uniform, if you get the drift.

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