Sunday, November 30, 2014

Riverfront ShowGo 2014

Not the greatest hour or two of weather, but can't get around that.

If you missed out, be aware that lots of competitors have far more time working on sand than you do right now. And, the Fabulous Showcase Showdown meant everyone got out of there with some loot (thanks to Volker Bikes, Velo+, KCCX/Bill Marshall, and BulkIt). (Oh, and Wanda had some pottery there, too.)

I don't know who won, but it was a tremendous battle not to win at the finish.

For anyone wondering, the red line here is pretty much the course we ran. Two sandy stretches were somewhat of a highlight, and far as I know the first one remained unridden. I know several figured out the Belgian method of hugging the barriers to one side on the second, and that it became possible to ride there.

Check Steve's photos on Facebook (the RiverfrontCX page), too.

Thanks, Britton Kusiak (Volker Bikes), for a few of the photos below.

Fast guys turned lap one in just over 5 flat, if you wanna try for that. (Red line only,
the other lines were Plan B and all that, in case MORE trucks tore up areas there.)
People came through big.
My phone wouldn't do video by this point.

Which bums me out, Britton and others were catching air right
after this point.

KCCX/Bill Marshall came through big for us.

I can't get over this, and I think others can't either.

Katie from the earlier post, in the un-rideable sand.


The stretch between sand and sand. Shadd out front.

A little before. Yeah, it was cold.

Exiting about 600 meters of sand. On sand.

More before.

Start line.

Yeah, we rode the berm, but didn't damage it.

Off the berm, toward the first real corner.

Lap one, leaving the sand, another group.

Not the best course for spectators, sorry.

Same. Was harder to ride than watch, but still.

The early corners. And ruts from trucks.

Who won? Who knows?

Still working on it. Anyone not there, this was the shorter sandy section.

Steve has great photos on the RiverfrontCX page.

Katie would have taken her Cat, if we had Cats.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Race. Free. Sunday!

Sunday at Riverfront.
Be ready to go at 11.
And say thanks to these people:

Friday, November 28, 2014

Your weekend (including FREE SUNDAY RACE)

Saturday: Milton Keynes (UK) - World

Sunday: Hamme Zogge (Flandrian Cross) - bPost

cyclingfans for both. And seems both Sven and Lars are due for one.

There's a course around here somewhere.
Around HERE (Sunday at 11) though, the schedule has your freebie race at the place we call Riverfront. All the weeds and grass didn't get chopped down this year though, for some reason, so we've made a course a bit unlike what you've grown to expect there.

Something like this ...

A 180, check.
A scary descent, check.
Mud, check.
Should I ride or run, check.
Straightaway, check.
Downhill, check.
Sweeper, check.
Sand, check.
Rut, check.
Sand, check.
Steps, check.
Singletrack, check.
Run-up, check.
Wheelpit, what’s that?
Firepit, definitely.

Wanda rode around it six or seven times today, and it's about 2K. Tires aren't flat, even with riding around a lot of areas we won't be riding on Sunday. She did pick up a few burrs, but they weren't those bad ones.

I’m pretty sure we have more stuff to raffle off than we’ll have racers/riders. Be there, increase your odds.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Don't forget to race for free Sunday

That is all.

Oh, unless you want to see Mehvin take one last Sunday. (That hill! And note the epic work in the pits, and the always-left-after-a-precarious-drop tendency.)

Or (and, VERTICAL VIDEO WARNING) maybe you'd rather see a shred of last Saturday in the sand:

Your guess is as good as mine why THE UCI SUCKS MORE THAN USUAL THIS WEEK, since complete video from either race is hard to find this time around.

You shouldn't worry THAT THE UCI SUCKS this weekend, however, at RiverfrontCX, when we might see some sand, too (since, you know, this isn't a UCI 'event').

Monday, November 24, 2014

Louisburg (Lost Trail 2014), all done

Was this cyclocross weather, or what?

Couldn't ask for better cyclocross weather/conditions, really. Damp track, a little rain here and there, no need to pit for a new bike, but actually needing a CX bike/tires for once.

Some of that course, too, had it going.

Nice job by that Miami Co. crew. Another part of why cyclocross in these parts is so cool.

And yeah, Lost Trail delivers AGAIN on the noteworthy weather.

You've seen results at KS Cycling
And know Roger has the photos

I know lots of other photos are out there. Where?

Me and someone else saw some stuff, too:

William Anderson (Lawrence, 360), and Karl Jackson (OP and Cycle City) early in singlespeed.
I think the same two, but I love this photo.
The combined women's fields relive the racing, or talk about other stuff.
Chris Thomas (Black Sheep) on the hill.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Show and Go, next Sunday, RiverfrontCX

Wrap the shopping up early, and be at RiverfrontCX next Sunday, Nov. 30, for an 11 a.m. race.

Categories to be determined, race duration will be 30-45 minutes, less for women or juniors if requested.
Likely part of the course.

No affiliation with anyone or any organization, and no fee to race. Prizes for top finishers or top effort-putter-outers.

Expect stretches of field, singletrack, sand and steps. Leave the good wheels at home, use the "B" set.

TRULY a SHOW AND (NOT) GO! We have no portable things, no tents to stand under, not a hell of a lot of tape, no food truck, a few teenagers counting laps, and pretty much just a few people on bikes who want to ride hard that day. Be there and we will.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Day one done at Louisburg

Maybe a turn or two more than needed, but a pretty neat layout there when you think about it. Just a little bit tacky on the tires, too. Might be something a bit more later in the day Sunday ...

KS Cycling has results
And Roger was there, photos will be up soon

I rolled around a while and saw some stuff.

The campfire was a popular gathering spot, even though temps were nicer than previous years here.

Hard to say which was the better choice early. Several lost traction and had to dismount anyway.

Kelly won it, Jen was second.

Woot-Wout! Took it in the sand, the kids were going crazy there early, and it paid off. Mourey had this practice-time video out there, too. Being Mourey, he's free/clear early:

Friday, November 21, 2014

Be there, Louisburg (and watch before going)

There's a reason Worlds 2012 looked like a Belgian club ride. Koksijde. Unless you spent your whole life riding in sand, because, you know, that's about all there IS to ride on, you can't do this.

This race (not Worlds), but the annual gathering at this place, is this Saturday, and a Belgian will win (barren Stybar making a comeback). They'll also be gathering World (series) points, so there's that.

Check cyclingfans before heading out. And watch until at least two minutes of the above video.

But for us, this Saturday (and Sunday) is Louisburg (Cider Mill), which has become fairly epic in its own way. Weather has played a role the previous two years (and three races), and seems like it will this weekend, too.

Series60 both days, if you're into that. Maybe not so much a tire-eater like year one, but you never know. Hit the sealants hard to be sure.

Monday, November 17, 2014

We're back to racing this weekend around here

Enrico Franzoi a few years back (cyclingnews)
Turn your attention to Kansas City cyclocross again.

Nice two-day thing at Louisburg this weekend, and both days are Series60. Weather (like that at left) may play a role, but it is CX season after all.

And it IS Louisburg, where the weather has been somewhat epic both years so far ...

Early in December we'll see a new race at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City in Kansas City, KS, then Boss Cross/MO State Championships will have you (dodging dogs and walkers) at Parkville after that.

Three holiday week races wrap up the year Dec. 26, 28 and 31.

SEVEN to go, and that's all before Dec. 31 is over with. That's worth a thought.

Austin looms.

Last weekend, you may have seen results for, or been at Midwest Nationals. If not, it's worth a review. Check out the Cool Stuff link at the revamped/revamped/revamped site to see results from this year.

And review your Dutch while asking yourself how this guy had the top handling skills. Reshuffled Superprestige standings ahead.

Awesome course. Answers why Limus and the like exist.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

So, what are you doing this weekend?

Racing in freezing cold Iowa?

Hanging out in KC?

Riding in KC?



Tell you one thing you should do: Watch the Superprestige race Sunday a.m. on cyclingfans. It's at Asper-Gavere, which is awesome pretty much no matter what. If muddy, it's even cooler. Potentially the whole thing is better than the market race the other day, which was itself far too cool for words.

I like this one.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

More down time in KC

It's another two weeks until racing in KC, what with Midwest Nationals (Jinglecross) taking place later this week (you might keep an eye on the Iowa City forecast). We won't race again in these parts until the two-day event at Louisburg Nov. 22-23, which is also races 3 & 4 of Series60.

Earlier today was Veterans Cross in Leavenworth, the finale for K-Bar (again, it's Nov. 9). Check out the Open 1/2/3 start.

Results are at KS Cycling
And you know Roger will have photos

In Europe, Tommy took the Pain Face to a win at Ruddervoorde, on a track that's a bit too frantic for me. No matter, Mathieu was both an aggressor and runner-up, and with it now, a leader in the Superprestige Series (which runs until Feb. 14). I'm sure a greater breakdown will reveal even more, but the two things I got out of Ruudervoorde this time around were Mathieu's Cool Demeanor, and Sven just about being Sven that last time through the sand.

One to go, which is about all you need:

Sand. I'm telling you.

Back on these shores, you know Nationals are in Austin in January, right? Then Asheville, NC, a year after that for USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals?

Bigfoot keeps an eye on the tape. Bend 2009.
If you were hoping to avoid frequent flyer miles for 2017 and/or 2018, you're out of luck. The next lucky four places which might play host are Bend (OR) - site of Nationals in 2009/10, Hartford (CT), Louisville (KY) site of Masters Worlds twice and WORLDS in 2013, and Reno (NV) - where Lemond is from.

Just a hunch, but I'm picking CT and Reno, what with the Lemond revival.

USA Cycling will name their decision for those two years before we even leave for Texas.

This now? Why the hell not? Even the non-cross stuff I post here has to do with it (in a Kevin Bacon-kind-of-way, at least). Trust me on that one.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fun in Topeka

Best layout at HPT Grand Prix that I can recall. Same basic concept, sure, but if you looked beyond the bumps, there was an awful lot to like at the place Jeff U. calls us to every year.

Sort of quick once under way, too. And at least two or three faces we haven't seen out there in a while. Maybe it's just the low light that let me see stuff I don't usually notice. No idea.

Results at KCA

Some stuff, regardless:

Had to be all over Masters early, with the sun going away.
40+ winner Eric Burch without straight bars.

50+ (and overall Masters fields winner, too) Stephen Songer early.

Jeffrey races, promotes and announces.
And everything else, too.

Below, most of the Mens Masters early, in brief videos. And one of the headlights on the scene.

Friday, November 7, 2014

The weekend beckons. So do races both days.

What to do, what to do, what to do with a Saturday without a race. Oh, wait, racing in the eve in Topeka. Yeah, it's Heartland Park-Topeka Grand Prix, in and around the dirt stock car track. Floats many boats, some say lesser things. One of our more legit courses, I think, and also one of the longest-lived anymore. Race 2 of Series60 if you're keeping track. Cool thing is you don't have to get up early if you're racing Masters or whatever. Of course, that might put one or races past your bedtime, too.

Sunday in/near KC: Veterans Cross in Leavenworth. Across the street from our old stomping grounds at St. Marys, do check the flyer for parking and what-not. This is a cool race for at least two reasons: One is Roger, the other is that it's the finale for the CX version of K-Bar, if that makes sense to you at this point.
Sort of long ago, in Leavenworth. Across the street
from Sunday's course.

Sunday in Europe: Superprestige Ruudervoorde (Belgium). I have NO idea what to expect, the way last weekend went. But I know this course has something for everyone, especially for KC fans of endless tight 180s. Check it out early on cyclingfans if you're not racing early, and see how you'd ride these if you could slingshot around the bends.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

As promised

Like I said, sand. Get used to it.

Zonhoven. Last Sunday. Pains me to say it, so I won't. Nys doesn't win.

But this course. Oh, my.

One of our epic locales is just about two days out. You ready for Heartland Park-Topeka, in the dark?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A quick review

See this one? Possible spoiler: Nys didn't win, but you have to see the end (skip to 1:15.00 if you want the short version).

Seems the younger set is coming on quite strong this season. With Albert out, Stybar unable to stay out of the hospital, and Boom never coming back, the future is very near.


Not to give away the race they had Sunday in Europe, but it seems some of our people are famous all over again over at CX Magazine. This will make more sense in a day or so.


Speaking of us, this week for us, it's the (Saturday) night race at Heartland Park-Topeka, which is hot/cold depending on who you speak with. This is a Series60 race, so keep that in mind. It will be dark EARLY, as you know by now.

Sunday is Veterans Cross thanks to Roger (he of the photos we all eagerly await).

Monday, November 3, 2014

Welcome my son

Had to stop at the arcade on the way home to play a few games. Not sure why, but I had that sound stuck in my head.

Regardless, how about that wind? And it sure gets dark early now that we're on BS Standard Time. Holy cow, was that Haynes? The world has clearly gone completely nuts.

It is what it is. It was, Boulevard Cup.

KS Cycling has your results
Roger was there with the camera

And since you got up way too early today anyway, did you see the Van der Poel kid ride out of the sand quarry early on at Zonhoven? Don't see that much. Did you see Mehvin get one, over NYS, of all people? Just one day after Sven had a different bad day. Wow.

Hell, I think the elder Van der Poel was at Shawnee, given the pit wheels there during the Mens Masters races. I half expected to see a 1964 Mustang there, next to the Empella Bonfire. I'll stop now.

Doll head. Scratched seatpost. Taiwanese-made frame. 8Lumens?

Kurt Egli (OKCX - Jenks, OK)

Doug Stone (Cowtown Cycling - Kansas City, MO), took 40+ Saturday and Sunday.

Today was day one of Series60. Make plans.

I'm a stealth ninja too. Cool bike.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Woot-Wout! Albert takes proxy win! We race in Shawnee

Youth served/was served again overseas, with 20-year-old Wout Van Aert (Bel) Vastgoedservice - Golden Palace Cycling Team taking a questionable win over World Champ Sven Nys (You know) at Bpost Bank Trofee Koppenbergcross.

With the win, no doubt aided by a lapped teammate of Van Aerts' as the line approached, was definitely a win for Golden Palace Team Manager and former Nys pain-in-the-neck Niels Albert, who was forced into retirement earlier this year with what is sometimes called a "bum ticker." I won't go there, though.

Cue the soap opera music. This is going to heat up.

Maybe some words be sayin' here. Mehvin at far, far right. (
We raced at Shawnee, Herman Laird Park, Colavita Cup. Seems we've seen that park before, what you gonna' do? Nice pies, soups/chilis and tunes, really. A bit of mud, we're so that anymore. Loving it.

Some say this will be traditionally reversed tomorrow, when we return for Boulevard Cup all about a half-hour earlier (NOT including evil-farmer-induced return to BS Standard Time tonight), so you might check the sched before planning.

Others, though, allege that it will not just be backwards, but WILL be different. We'll see.

My phone/camera/stare-at-constantly-device sucks. Could hardly do anything. So only a couple pics will appear below.

And the results are up at KS Cycling, but you probably know that. A couple things there catch my eye, but you probably know that, too.

Somewhere in Cat 4-5, from a hazardous spot.

Mark DeBoer (Prologue Cycling - Blue Springs, MO) at the barriers, was second in 4-5.