Friday, October 31, 2014

It starts today

Incredible skills with Paint, I know. (Silver Shamrock Co.)

Then you've got racing Saturday and Sunday, and don't have to drive all the way to Lawrence for it. Win-win.

Saturday: Colavita Cup and Pie Baking Contest
(Euro: Koppenbergcross/Bpost)

Sunday: Boulevard Cup
(Euro: Zonhoven/Superprestige)

Both races at Herman Laird Park in Shawnee. You know the place, Night Ranger played there a few years back.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kind of a big deal

Get to Lowe's or wherever Friday if you want to keep from upsetting your cyclocross-racing self, because this weekend is actually a big dang deal.
The volleyball net is around here somewhere.
Not Herman Laird Park.

Saturday's Colavita Cup (and Pie Baking Contest) is the penultimate race date for "k-bar," or whatever acronym Kansas Cycling uses for the cyclocross version of that competition. Yeah, seems like we just started. And Sunday's Boulevard Cup always seems to be a party, where some happen to race their bikes.

And this whole mess is going down at a park we know and love (Herman Laird in Shawnee), and believe it or not, it's going to be a bit different this time ... (these times).

Speaking of different tracks, they've got a pretty neat area in Canada if you brave the October cold. They had their nationals last weekend. Check it out.

And though there were no big series races in Europe last weekend, there was a pretty good race in Luxembourg. (International Cyclocross Contern)

Monday, October 27, 2014

A weekend of no racing. Wait ...

The free race you did and might need a reminder about, or the FREE RACE you missed, and should not have, went as follows:
Tipped-over tables are only in violation of USAC rules when
there are more than three in a row. We're good.

stage 1.  PBR, energy drink, donut challenge.

stage 2.  1 lap around big dirt track, brakeless

stage 3.  flat cx race with 3 feet tall barriers, pole hopping, and dirt.

stage 4.  sand, single track, run ups

stage 5.  turning, 50 steps of turns with the drop after, and some rock climbing

But yeah, you mowed the lawn, or went to STL, or found Berryman, or shopped NFM.

Speaking of which, we'd better come up with something to do with the waining daylight now that Evil Farmers in fear of cows waking up too early have their way, and we are torn from the completely awesome DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME and plunged back into air-ride-siren-like darkness for months on end, ever though those kids waiting for school busses in darkness are all grown up
He died soon. No, the other one.
now, and President Nixon is no longer a threat.

Which reminds me. Even though you'll probably be on time for Saturday's Colavita Cup and Pie Baking Contest at Herman Laird Park in Shawnee (the one we pretty much always race at), you might be an hour late Sunday for Boulevard Cup (at the same park) if you don't "fall back" clockwise (actually, counter-clockwise) Saturday night. You've been warned.

Between now and then, you might try your hand at Donderdag if you haven't yet. Even IF you want to see how Game Six is going. You'll be able to watch there, bet me.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Sunday: Cyclocross Stage Race!

Humans can't survive in outer space, without an atmosphere.

2001: A Space Oddity. Outer space. Get it?
This has nothing to do with the race, but it's all I got.
In Kansas City, humans who race cyclocross can't survive a weekend without a race.

Because that is so, this Sunday is your chance to take part in a cyclocross STAGE RACE.

Think: Two or so hours. Four or so venues. Six or so races. A mile or so apart.  What's not to like?

Get details on The Facebook.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weird week

Dang you Boss Cross, canceling like that. (This was their weekend, you know.)

That said, the more the better when it comes to November and December. Not sure how that will work for turnouts (I've got a pretty good idea), but really, we need more races that time of year. Maybe not quite so many so early. IMO.

Bleh. Who am I to say? All I know for sure is that there are NO KC-area races this weekend. UCI CX in St. Louis, but you'd know that. And Berryman, if you think mountain biking in this part of the country is fun.

Take it easy then, tune up the bike(s), work on the weaknesses, refine the strengths, check out the "K-Bar" points. All that.

Watch Lars come back from the future and rule. Mehvin was on a disc bike. But still, Mehvin.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Joules Day Two, 2014, done

Has there ever been a reversed-course day that did not flow better? Funny how that works.

And it seemed like fewer high-speed downhills, and more uphill. Even tougher course. Weird.

Not just standard category wins on the day, either. Since this was Kansas State Championship day, there was lots of hardware to distribute.

The day started with a Mens Masters race including riders as young as 30, so a very large field went off first. In honor of this rarely-seen race, here's the entire field halfway through lap one, through the popular mud field (started off on 30 second gaps between 30, 40, 50, 60+, I believe).

KS Cycling has your results
Roger was on the scene

EURO REPORT: Lars lead pretty much from the gun in Valkenburg.
winning Cauberg Cross again. He leads the World Cup Series now.
KFC took the women's race.
 EFE/EPA/Vincent Jannink

Possibly obvious, but I noticed a few things at Joules.

Bike of the day (thanks for the tip, Bill). It's All That for a few reasons.

One of them.

Speaking of singlespeed, a big field takes flight.
Britton took it, and was ninth in Open.

Whole lot of Women Masters early.

We don't see powerwasher lines much around here, really.

The Mens Masters field was gigantic. See their lap one trip
through the mud field higher up.
Here's your future.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Joules Day One, 2014, down

Get your Sunday morning links to Euro CX online coverage at CyclingFans (elite men should be on at 8 a.m. KC time)

Go here to see VDH leading.

Feeling a bit like an old pair of shoes, that cool Lawrence-area venue we've been at four or five years in a row by now.

Pretty similar course to last year, too, as I recall. A small muddy area on the course low point being, actually, the course high point. Didn't seem to matter if you rode it or ran it time-wise, but riding might be the better move - when do we ever have 50 feet of mud surrounded by an otherwise dry course? Pretty neat.

Not completely dry though, that ground was quite soft. Tire pressures seemed to be up quite a few PSI, no sense riding any squishier than we already were.

KSCycling results
Roger's photos
If you raced before Cat 3, Chris Locke probably has your photo on his Google area

There weren't enough hours in the day for me today, but I still saw some things.

  • How about that Cat 4/5 turnout? Nice to see.
  • Is there one less rotation in that spiral? Might be my meds.
  • More than a few rolled tires. Not sure about that.

Yeah, we have one or two muddy races each season.
This one seems a bit better than some.

Best course improvement? Opening the barbed wire
a bit between the start/finish straight and most of the course.

Small Womens Open field. Kelter (leading) won again, Higgins
(second here finished third), Simchuk (third here) was second.

Category 3 Mens podium. Backstretch of the Kansas Velodrome
in the background.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Bring it this weekend

Whatever your personal IT is, bring IT this weekend, because Joules has historically been A Big Deal.

This IT is a Steven King IT. Being remade, they say ...
And no matter how you slice it, that's a power course if I've ever seen one.

"K-Bar" points up for grabs both days, DOUBLE for Sunday, too, when the event doubles as the Kansas State Championships. There's probably also a whole bunch of other stuff that typically makes this race stand apart from many of the others, but I'll hold off on identifying the particulars until I'm sure. (Actually, you'll be there too, so nevermind.)

Be there, and remember: After roaring down that big hillside, you gotta' get back to the top ...

Yeah, took me like a year to figure out that was a dude singing. And I had to find SOMETHING to get that damn clown out of my head. If I have nightmares tonight, I'm gonna' be pissed.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Stybar. Surgery. Again.

I'd be VERY afraid if I was racing Worlds in Czechoslovakia later this season. Just sayin'.

Boss Cross. Oct. 25-26. Not happening.
Find this dude, ask him what's going on.
It's not like he's ever out of town.

But Boss Cross IS on the calendar for December 13, when the Missouri State Championships come to the infamous English Landing Park in Parkville. (December, eh?)

What the heck do I do Oct. 25-26, then?

Berryman Epic. Whatever that is.

Or Gateway Cross Cup, if you must.

Just what the hell is going on all the sudden?

Yeah, it's like the world has turned upside down or something.

KS Cycling put up a new calendar

Get it at their place.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sparked by winning ways at Truman Sports Complex

Rock on, indeed, my fellow Wednesday-ish riders. Swayze drew a small but hardy crew, much like The Outsiders, and there was at least one other similar gathering elsewhere in Kansas City, trying to use the sun before it's taken to the other side of the day by Evil Farmers or whatever in another week or so.

Try as some might, though, they can't stop cyclocross in these parts, and two days of this madness continues at Lawrence Saturday and Sunday, in the form of Joules Cross. (We could really use the Steve'n'Seagulls riding mower, and the van in the movie clip above is exactly what I'm looking for, so my Saturday might be taken up by car dealers.)

Bonus, too, with Kansas State Cyclocross Championships finally taking place Sunday.

And far from the musicians above, the real fast guys in Europe start THE World Series (of CX) Sunday at Cauberg (Netherlands).

In trying to find a good Cauberg video I instead found a clip of Vos riding in or toward Cauberg, I think, so there's strength for you to ponder.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What you need to know, midweek

RiverfrontCX: Not doing so well these days. Anyone with a large-ish mower and a few hours? Anyone else who wants to see this place last another couple years?

Long live cross, I need it every night.
Wednesday: The only midweek practice gathering I can tell you about is (again) Swayze Memorial, which visits Penn Valley Park this time around (28th and Wyandotte, or just be near there on your bike and ride around, find others like you). Be there, ready to go at 6, and recall the half-dozen or so times we've raced there.

Weekend: Joules (Lawrence). Always a bash, always a spiral for whatever reason I can't comprehend. And, uh, KANSAS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY (it IS the middle of October, after all). Sign up now at USA Cycling to leave one less thing to worry about that day.

Your favorite course (so far)? Let me know, at right.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

What happened this weekend?

Sven took it in Ronse, just like you knew he would (and is that not a perfect course)? VdP showed what youth can do by riding away from the chase group, and VdP also showed what youth can do by just about crashing out while styling, but held on for second.

With the win, and a time bonus he picked up early on, Nys leads the Bpost Series battle by over a minute to VdP.

Mathieu van der Poel at Plzen some time back. Got them skills. (Velonews pic)

Lars fought to the line as usual, but came up short. Called himself out for stupid mistakes, and if he's not including feet dabbing all over the place, he should. (I think that's Mehvin an inch ahead at the line, so there's that.)

Mehvin, left. Or maybe right. Not certain. (
Forget all that, though. The real news from Ronse is that this dude was there, and was also THERE at the end of the first lap. Nothing more needs to be said really.

In St. Jo, Horizon Cycling put on the first-ever CX race in that city and BUILT A BRIDGE for it. Who builds a bridge? Horizon does. How cool is that?

Roger was on the scene as you'd expect, with the photos. KS Cycling for the results.

Get the roundup from the Robidoux folks themselves.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Scenes so far this week, and the weekend ahead

I won't talk much.

Threshold Saturday.

Watch SundayCyclingfans for the link to Bpost.

Race SundayRobidoux Roundup.

My phone Instragraming or something.
He ain't heavy. He's my mud wheel.
You don't say?

Centennial left a mark.

Donderdag is still it.

Ghosts leave no marks. I'm sure the rain covered for Swayze.

Singletrack at St. Jo, I've heard.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Your week ahead

Organized group stuff is getting hard to find as the season shifts into second gear, and it's almost like these races are barely giving us time to recover! (Cliff Drive then that awesome Centennial Park layout, are you kidding me?).

That said, Swayze Memorial is back again this Wednesday to give you a chance.

This time, it's at 3600 Springfield in Kansas City, KS. (See the map.) Be warmed up and ready to go at 6.

Probably another 2x20m or so again, so this probably isn't a bad idea at all for Wednesdays.

Then on the weekend, you've got one race to be at, and be there: Robidoux Roundup in St. JO - thanks to the Horizon Cycling folks that you've been seeing at all the KC races. KC, represent! (I've heard you might expect a few hills, but nothing terribly technical.)

Over yonder, the other big Euro series fires up Sunday with the first round of Bpost Trophy. Time for Lars, maybe?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day Two, 360 Cup, 2014

Not Van der Poel. From Sporza. Because.
Remember Worlds in Louisville a year or two ago? The Van der Poel kid who won the juniors race? ('Won,' being a relative term here.) Mathieu bested the big boys today in Gieten, and now leads the Superprestige series.

BKCP ...

Guy was on FIRE. Some of the seniors looked a little out of their element. Weird. Time's moving on.

And speaking of Louisville and Gieten, I'm not sure WHERE I was today, going around the course at Centennial Park in Lawrence. Wow, that can't possibly be the same place where we raced two previous years, was it?

Best course in these parts since I don't know when. Excluding Nationals courses, the only thing that can possibly come close is one of those longer Boss Cross circuits in Riverside, when we did that out/back along the treeline behind the parking lot.

Still, this topped that, by a mile.

You're going to have to get up very, very early to do a better job in course design than 360 did this time around. No, I don't put on races, so I don't have a fighting dog here. But if you want to chat about the reasons I'm wrong, just e-mail.

And when you hear people saying that this would be a spot for US Nationals, just imagine a flyover, maybe some sand, an expo in the parking lot near where we signed up ...

Roger shot more photos than I did.

Kansas Cycling Association has results.

I didn't just stand there stunned. I saw two or three things:

Shadd's pit bike is All That.
Women Masters, and Juniors, you probably weren't there yet. House in the background is on the market, just FYI.

Jen. Holeshot. Mens Masters. Cool.
There are more than one curb hops like this at Zilker Park in Austin. If this doesn't ring a bell, don't worry about it.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day One, 360 Cup, 2014

Totally new course, huh? How was it?

Roger has the photos, KCA the results.

Do it all again Sunday.

And catch Superprestige (Gieten) in the a.m. if you're racing later (great course for the dieselers). Maybe Lars will remember to bring his futuristic pedals this year. Cyclingfans for the links.

Friday, October 3, 2014

The weekend

Workout Wednesday, staying out of the groove at Cliff Drive.
First off, I was going to loan a bike to someone. If this rings a bell, email me.

Saturday and Sunday, it's supposed to be year three at 360 Cup in Lawrence (Centennial Park). No series implications at this one. (Check out where you stand at KCBXR/KCBXT, or 'K-Bar' since that's easier to say.)

Overseas Sunday, the Superprestige Series kicks off at Casting, NED.