Sunday, September 28, 2014

More fun at Cliff Drive

Another Chamber of Commerce day, or still a little too summery for 'cross.

But still, lots stood out at this new place for Dan, Britton, and the Colavita crew to put on a race or two.

Keep an eye on KSHB, they were there again today, shooting when the Women Masters classes took off.

KCA for the results.

Roger shot a ton.

I saw some stuff:

Moseley took 40+ again, from the front of the early a.m. Masters contest.
Darrel Williams, down from Savannah/St. Jo with a few more from the Team Horizon crew, was aboard a bike (frame) he built with his own two hands (for his wife, actually).
Check out more of Williams' handiwork at the usual social network stuff under "Thrive Cycles," and don't forget the race Team Horizon has on the calendar Oct. 12.
Fatbikes can't even fit in the photo frame.
John Vansooy was one of a few who doubled up both days, which wasn't an easy task.

Scorching start in Mens Open, with Brandon Melott (Team Spokepony - Warr Acres, OK) taking the holeshot (he sat out SS today though, after winning that, and Open, Saturday).

But Garret (G-Wiz) Steinmetz (Ethos Racing - Kansas City, MO) wound up his mountain bike and eventually got around Melott for the win today.
Britton Kusiak (Colavita/Parisi - Prairie Village, KS), tried to get away in single speed, but finished second to Wesley Boyce (Cycle City Racing - Shawnee, KS), shown here trailing.

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