Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beep, beep, beep

Hear that? That's the Dumptruck of Awesome backing up, and a few things have already fallen out:

Donderdag, class time.
Donderdag is happening! Tuesdays, with a big Labor Day effort to spiff up the parcours. Check The Facebook for everything you need. What did you miss tonight? Joe Parker (KCOI-Boulevard), and a more skilled bike mechanic than the rest of us, walked through the essentials of wrenching for the cyclocrosser.

Riverfront CX is taking shape! Steve Weiser and a few others who Get It Done are doing some heavy lifting on that semi-permanent course area in western Shawnee, so you have no more excuses. Strong can be found there. It will be a real park soon enough, so take advantage while we can. Current info.

Leawood City Park Singletrack is open! Maybe you've been there and didn't know it had a name, or you've never been there. Regardless, get info at The Facebook, and work on your mad skills. Give Dan Schaeffer an atta-boy for that one, and thank Mark Horn for the recent improvements. (You can get around right now without the tall weeds getting in your way.)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Breaking radio silence

Breaking radio silence when you're so far from home is never a good idea, but cyclocross practices while it's still August have called me out.

They drew first blood, not me.

Donderdag, each Tuesday now. Roughly translated, that means "Overland Park backyard course thanks to the awesome work of the Jonas family." This. Is. Cool. Get the youngsters (yourself, too) there. Info at The Facebook.

This Wednesday, August 27 in Olathe Coach Ruder has a second clinic set for Black Bob Park. Check the flyer at USA Cycling.

Also before this month is out, the fine folks from Volker Bicycles will have a clinic for one and all. Info at right.

The time is near.