Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Old Year, Crossed Off

Cross off the Old Year (Series60 finale)

Congrats to all who raced today. Not the coldest we've ever experienced, but still. This will be remembered.

Not the greatest turnout of the season, but not bad for a workday. And one that was pretty frigid.

Brrrrrrr. And with that, the KC season is over. Nationals starting about one week from right now. Ten-day for Austin looking quite a bit warmer than we are (mid-50s Tuesday-Thursday, mid-60s Friday with a chance of rain).

KSCyling results
Roger photos

I saw one or two things:

The 10:30 a.m. racers begin to gather. Lots of clothes.
Slimen guys off the front of Masters.
Jeffrey Unruh (center) took this race, and with it, the Series60 50+ title.
Women's fields gathering. Maybe 1 degree warmer at 11:30 a.m.
Patrick Schlage (Lawrence - Osceola Velo Club) did not appear over-dressed!
Shadd out front in Open (and actually dismounting for the barriers here).
The race for 4, 5, 6 in Open was epic.
Tom Price (OP - Trek Cyclocross Collective) holding 4th here.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Nog 1 raceday

Wednesday. Wednesday. Wednesday.

That's it. The final race of the current CX season around here, and it just so happens to be on New Years Eve (like usual). As light as traffic was today, I'm guessing lots of you aren't working that day. Right?

Same Shawnee park we were at Sunday. Likely much the same course. But, I don't know for sure.

Going to be cold, or at least the coldest race conditions so far this season, so be prepared. And realize we have that building to retreat to (early racers, especially), and/or watch the races we're not in from the warmer side of the windows.

It's Cross off the Old Year.

Current Series60 points through Boxing Day (not including yesterday's race, in other words). But if you're in it that close, I'm sure you can do the math.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Grote Prijs 2014 - Great race day

Grote Prijs CX, 2014. Part of Series60. Race 6 of that series, with one more this Wednesday.

Little bit more mud than some expected, made it quite the race day at our favorite Shawnee Park. And one of the more wide-open courses we've seen in recent years.

A lot of new faces, too, with KC races the only stuff going on this time of year, and Nationals right around the corner.

Early (and late) weather reminded us, it's late December, too!

KSCycling results
Keep checking Roger's photos

Stuff I saw:
Braden makes his own hubs and rims. Far out.
   Paul Aldeguer, (Big D - Overland Park) took Masters early.
   Troy Heithecker, (Ogden, UT - Roosters/Bikers Edge-UT) got single-speed AND Open, both ON his single-speed.
Which is a 15-year-old custom Lyon, since you wondered.
   Alijah Beatty, (Washington, IA - Iowa City Cycling Club | University of Iowa Heart) won Cat 3, and was second in the combined women's fields.
Not quite a power-washer, but it got lots of attention today.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Boxing Day CX 2014

Boxing Day CX, 2014. Part of Series60. Race 5 of that series, with two more between now and Wednesday. Sunday in Shawnee.

Awesome course for what was there, no? Hardest flat one I can think of, too. A lot like earlier Boxing Day gatherings on the north side of 435, but there were hills there, come to think of it. This course was tough!

And we again dodged what should have been a muddy outing. Looking like we'll make it all season without one of those around here.

Heard it mentioned here and there: Maybe we should try and ride some year-round on that land, somehow. That's not a bad place to have a constant CX presence. (No idea if Leawood would be good with that, just throwing that out there.)

Results at KSCycling
Roger was there

My feeble doings:

Good to see Justin Bowes, former KC guy. Rode strong in 40+.
Disc bike as a pit bike. Do you have one yet?
Google did this by itself. Three Wandas. At that log barrier.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Wout, Mehvin, and your Friday (Dec. 26)

You know who won Saturday (Wout) and Sunday (Mehv), and we know now Sven is human.

But did you know Series60 wraps up the final three races of the year/season starting Friday, at a new Leawood Park course?

One not to miss, if you've been paying attention to KC weather. Take the proper precautions.

Get the flyer.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Watch online all weekend

No racing in KC this weekend.

But in Europe ...

(And with Wout and VdP both going U23 in World from here on out ...)

Saturday the big names are back on the newish gritty course at Essen (bPost). Video from last year is fun to watch, but still a bummer reminder with Stybar and Albert mixing it up there.

Sunday it's Namur (World), which is a standout in the rain. There's a chance it will be muddy, don't miss this one. From 2012:

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sometimes you're the paper, sometimes you're the Mighty Mites

Better than most, worst than some, I'm sure. Here goes this week's stuff.

The kids were alright in Antwerp, with VDP toying with them, basically. Lots of other big names were absent. And lots of USA names in the results.

Continuing the trend, then, the next day at Zilvermeercross, Proxy Niels came out on top, like you knew he would. And has the right idea going on, but they need to work on interviewing skills. Or something. This guy is a Mighty Mite, too.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Boss Cross was IT

Now THAT'S a cyclocross course. We've had a few great ones this season, and I'd put that right up with the best.


Boss Cross. Parkville. This weather in December. St. L schooling us a bit (a lot, actually). A whole bunch of IT today. No real big deal that we don't have a race Sunday, with that one in the rear view mirror.

I saw a few things:

Peter Botts (Columbia, MO) pretty much destroyed both Cat3
and the junior field, and had the coolest bike on the day.

Joe Fox (Mr. Cycle City) took single speed, promoted,
did the course, did the talking, the whole bit.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Katy bar the door, it's BOSS CROSS time

Which reminds me, Boss Hogg wasn't always such a happy guy:

Get your flyer at USA Cycling. Here's the coordinates. (It's near a river, yeah.) Big, dang deal if you have a Missouri address, because this is your state championships. I actually think it's a big dang deal, because it's a race. In MISSOURI. Just sayin'.

Ignore the storm brewing around the UCI. Just don't forget to send your money.

Also early tomorrow: It's Scheldecross (Soudal) time, where the Euro dudes carry PRO. Maybe we'll see sand like that at Parkville? Cyclingfans for the link(s) if you have time in the a.m.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Yeah, so I forgot

It's BOSS CROSS week(end/day coming up).

And at PARKVILLE, which has been home to many an epic gathering for this (and many other) series. No doubt another just days away, with the (?) Boss Cross finale, and also Missouri State Championships (on a totally appropriate date, much unlike the state next door, but I digress). (And I also am using far too many of (these), so enough of that).

If you got through all that, and don't know already, the races are Saturday, info maybe at some point on the Boss Cross site. Flyer at USA Cycling.

Be there. Saying now 60s and all that, and maybe they'll actually be right this time.

What did you miss Saturday? Maybe Mehvin winning yet another one. Maybe Lars hopping barriers about as well as I do. Maybe a pretty awesome sand pit next to a playground. Lots of fun at this one. And the more I look at it, it's a bit of a reversal. Usually, our courses are mini versions of Euro tracks, somewhat. This one, it's like they took one of our courses, and blew it up. If that makes sense:

And Tommy takes The Pain Face the next day, in nice mud:

Monday, December 8, 2014

Woof, woof, woof. Great race, great place!

And Roger wins today, he picked up a Shepherd (?) that will be known as Lantern Rouge (of course), from the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City, where we were somehow allowed to tear it up a little bit.

Got to meet lots of the dogs and cats available there, too. I don't want to see any of the same next time we're there, because you know we're going back to that place that was a heck of a lot harder to get around than you thought going in.

It was called Fast and Furriest CX, and pretty neat.

Heavy. Heavy. Heavy. That about sums it up, I think. Quite a few taking pictures today, too, looking around.

Results at
Roger's evidence

I grabbed a few things:

Friday, December 5, 2014

Four things. One weekend.

1. Saturday, early here. bPost series, Hasselt, Belgium. Crazy twisty like a lot of ours, volleyball court crossing near a pool like we've seen, a forced dismount or two unlike some of ours, and rain likely tomorrow there. Might end up alright. With the enduro ride not happening until afternoon, make sure to hit cyclingfans early.

2. Saturday afternoon. The enduro CX ride. Be there! Bring lights. You never know.

3. Sunday, early here. Cyclingfans for the WEIRD Flemish Druivencross (Overijse, Belgium), which is a fairly awesome course, and while not part of any series, is one of the long-lived classic-type races. Don't miss it. Crappy video of an old race here, but BOOM! either way. (Dont' know what you've got, 'til it's gone.)

4. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Fast and Furriest CX (at the Humane Society). Non-series, new venue, it's December. What's not to like?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

RIDE CX Saturday. RACE CX Sunday.

Fun thing added for your Saturday: It's a cyclocross RIDE (Enduro ride, to be exact - and hitch onto that re-invented concept). It all gets going at Cliff Drive (where we raced that weekend a while ago), and it won't cost a thing. Get your details on The Facebook.

Then don't forget to race Sunday.

Will update the Euro stuff tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This weekend's race

Now here's a different one!

First, a new race.

Then, it's a race in December. (Not that we don't have those, we just don't tend to add them, like this one.)

And it's at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City, which is at 54th and Parallel in Kansas City, KS.

Field there. Hill/hump there. Woods there. There will be a course there.

And it's non-series. Weird, really, but not weird. It's a race!

Be there. Sunday.

Info at KSCycling.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Those other weekend races

Milton Keynes, Powers, slower than running it (Saturday). Mehv took it, despite pains in running:

And ... Proxy Niels takes another. (Woot-Wout!) - Sven holds bPost lead (Sunday).

Check out the For Life race. TOO cool.

From cyclingnews: "Van der Poel reached the final steep hill in front, slowed down at the top to force Van Aert and Walsleben off their bikes."

Hmmmm ...

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Riverfront ShowGo 2014

Not the greatest hour or two of weather, but can't get around that.

If you missed out, be aware that lots of competitors have far more time working on sand than you do right now. And, the Fabulous Showcase Showdown meant everyone got out of there with some loot (thanks to Volker Bikes, Velo+, KCCX/Bill Marshall, and BulkIt). (Oh, and Wanda had some pottery there, too.)

I don't know who won, but it was a tremendous battle not to win at the finish.

For anyone wondering, the red line here is pretty much the course we ran. Two sandy stretches were somewhat of a highlight, and far as I know the first one remained unridden. I know several figured out the Belgian method of hugging the barriers to one side on the second, and that it became possible to ride there.

Check Steve's photos on Facebook (the RiverfrontCX page), too.

Thanks, Britton Kusiak (Volker Bikes), for a few of the photos below.

Fast guys turned lap one in just over 5 flat, if you wanna try for that. (Red line only,
the other lines were Plan B and all that, in case MORE trucks tore up areas there.)
People came through big.
My phone wouldn't do video by this point.

Which bums me out, Britton and others were catching air right
after this point.

KCCX/Bill Marshall came through big for us.

I can't get over this, and I think others can't either.

Katie from the earlier post, in the un-rideable sand.


The stretch between sand and sand. Shadd out front.

A little before. Yeah, it was cold.

Exiting about 600 meters of sand. On sand.

More before.

Start line.

Yeah, we rode the berm, but didn't damage it.

Off the berm, toward the first real corner.

Lap one, leaving the sand, another group.

Not the best course for spectators, sorry.

Same. Was harder to ride than watch, but still.

The early corners. And ruts from trucks.

Who won? Who knows?

Still working on it. Anyone not there, this was the shorter sandy section.

Steve has great photos on the RiverfrontCX page.

Katie would have taken her Cat, if we had Cats.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Race. Free. Sunday!

Sunday at Riverfront.
Be ready to go at 11.
And say thanks to these people:

Friday, November 28, 2014

Your weekend (including FREE SUNDAY RACE)

Saturday: Milton Keynes (UK) - World

Sunday: Hamme Zogge (Flandrian Cross) - bPost

cyclingfans for both. And seems both Sven and Lars are due for one.

There's a course around here somewhere.
Around HERE (Sunday at 11) though, the schedule has your freebie race at the place we call Riverfront. All the weeds and grass didn't get chopped down this year though, for some reason, so we've made a course a bit unlike what you've grown to expect there.

Something like this ...

A 180, check.
A scary descent, check.
Mud, check.
Should I ride or run, check.
Straightaway, check.
Downhill, check.
Sweeper, check.
Sand, check.
Rut, check.
Sand, check.
Steps, check.
Singletrack, check.
Run-up, check.
Wheelpit, what’s that?
Firepit, definitely.

Wanda rode around it six or seven times today, and it's about 2K. Tires aren't flat, even with riding around a lot of areas we won't be riding on Sunday. She did pick up a few burrs, but they weren't those bad ones.

I’m pretty sure we have more stuff to raffle off than we’ll have racers/riders. Be there, increase your odds.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Don't forget to race for free Sunday

That is all.

Oh, unless you want to see Mehvin take one last Sunday. (That hill! And note the epic work in the pits, and the always-left-after-a-precarious-drop tendency.)

Or (and, VERTICAL VIDEO WARNING) maybe you'd rather see a shred of last Saturday in the sand:

Your guess is as good as mine why THE UCI SUCKS MORE THAN USUAL THIS WEEK, since complete video from either race is hard to find this time around.

You shouldn't worry THAT THE UCI SUCKS this weekend, however, at RiverfrontCX, when we might see some sand, too (since, you know, this isn't a UCI 'event').

Monday, November 24, 2014

Louisburg (Lost Trail 2014), all done

Was this cyclocross weather, or what?

Couldn't ask for better cyclocross weather/conditions, really. Damp track, a little rain here and there, no need to pit for a new bike, but actually needing a CX bike/tires for once.

Some of that course, too, had it going.

Nice job by that Miami Co. crew. Another part of why cyclocross in these parts is so cool.

And yeah, Lost Trail delivers AGAIN on the noteworthy weather.

You've seen results at KS Cycling
And know Roger has the photos

I know lots of other photos are out there. Where?

Me and someone else saw some stuff, too:

William Anderson (Lawrence, 360), and Karl Jackson (OP and Cycle City) early in singlespeed.
I think the same two, but I love this photo.
The combined women's fields relive the racing, or talk about other stuff.
Chris Thomas (Black Sheep) on the hill.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Show and Go, next Sunday, RiverfrontCX

Wrap the shopping up early, and be at RiverfrontCX next Sunday, Nov. 30, for an 11 a.m. race.

Categories to be determined, race duration will be 30-45 minutes, less for women or juniors if requested.
Likely part of the course.

No affiliation with anyone or any organization, and no fee to race. Prizes for top finishers or top effort-putter-outers.

Expect stretches of field, singletrack, sand and steps. Leave the good wheels at home, use the "B" set.

TRULY a SHOW AND (NOT) GO! We have no portable things, no tents to stand under, not a hell of a lot of tape, no food truck, a few teenagers counting laps, and pretty much just a few people on bikes who want to ride hard that day. Be there and we will.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Day one done at Louisburg

Maybe a turn or two more than needed, but a pretty neat layout there when you think about it. Just a little bit tacky on the tires, too. Might be something a bit more later in the day Sunday ...

KS Cycling has results
And Roger was there, photos will be up soon

I rolled around a while and saw some stuff.

The campfire was a popular gathering spot, even though temps were nicer than previous years here.

Hard to say which was the better choice early. Several lost traction and had to dismount anyway.

Kelly won it, Jen was second.

Woot-Wout! Took it in the sand, the kids were going crazy there early, and it paid off. Mourey had this practice-time video out there, too. Being Mourey, he's free/clear early: