Friday, December 13, 2013

she's breaking up ... she's breaking up

80s? Not quite. Steve is The Man.

Congrats KS state champions.

Race Sunday at Longview; no series implications, but new courses are always fun.

3, 2 ...

C1 Sunday in Belgium. What else is new?

N.C. is the place to be these shores. Anyone Eastbound and down? (Diesel 47.9?)

THIS rules.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Hip, hip hooray! Holiday races!

I spoke too soon, with these holiday week races surfacing now ...

Snowy Grote race last time around, I think, or was it Old Year?
Mark's standard fair: Boxing Day the 26th (a Thursday), Grote Prijs the 29th (a Sunday), and Cross off the Old Year on the 31st (a Tuesday). Flyers are flying at kscycling, so go get up to date. Boxing Day, at least, is confirmed for Mission Farms, which is a great place for a course. Usually boggy, heavy, hard, cold, windy, sometimes snowy, the whole nine yards.

Beyond now and then: States this weekend (MO and KS), Longview Dec. 15.

This weekend: Big damn deals in Bend, Antwerp and Overijse (Belgium, both those). It's been a week off, and week in the sun for those Euro guys, who knows who will be on these times?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Why we race

Today WAS Epic, for a few reasons, and wraps up a three-races-in-four-days span which happens now and again in KC, and puts us ahead of the pretenders.

Thursday (Thanksgiving Day a.m.) was Gobble Cross at RiverfrontCX, and I hope that opened a few eyes to the gem that is that area. If you do not get strong and improve your sand riding skills by frequenting that area with regularity, I'm pretty sure not much out there can help you. Roger visited.

Saturday was Penn Valley CX (first time there in ten years or so, if my memory is working right now), and a place we need to be at from time to time. KC represent! Roger was there.

And Sunday was indeed Epic (CX), at Epic Cycle and Sport, and likely the last time we'll be up and over that berm thing.

State races loom next weekend (Kansas in Topeka), with a 1.5-point multiplier which might play into a year-end title, though a few categories are already in the win column.

I'm not sure what happened to the trio of year-ender races on kscycling now, with only a new Dec.15 race at Longview on the schedule after state. Maybe The End is Nigh for the Kansas City Cyclocross season 2013-14, before we even get to 14 this time?

Meanwhile, Best Cyclocross Racer Ever Zdenek Stybar won the Boonen & Friends charity thing in Belgium again Saturday, and turned down a $1 million plus (dollar) contract to go back to racing CX full time. Sadly, he said no. A few guys breathe a sigh of relief.