Monday, September 30, 2013

The week ahead

Look for at least one new mid-week intensity opportunity, since it's October:
Wednesday: This means Swayze Memorial race-like action, somewhere in midtown. Roanoke Park is always in the mix, it seems, but there's been talk of some other places, too. Check the Swayze Memorial CX blog, and it that's not updated, check with the Volker Bikes The Facebook.

Saturday/Sunday: 360 Cup at Lawrence Centennial Park.  Dry and bumpy last year, might see some rain this time around? (Flyer at right.)

Belgium: Sunday is the big event, this time it's Superprestige Ruddervoorde. Funky hills there, not monster climbs (like Manions).

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Take that, PDX, and everyone else!

We got it ALL this weekend at Manions, for a fantastic kickoff to this season of Kansas City cyclocross.

If you somehow managed to race all classes (might ask Brian West, since he did a bang-up job with the SS and Open double just a few hours ago), you saw standard Manions conditions, rain, slick mud, sticky/derailleur-grabbing mud, more slick mud, boggy ground, spongy ground, and finally near-dusting speedway conditions.

Yeah, that might be a standard rain/drying event at other two-day CX gatherings, but you don't race through a barn every lap, suffer that dang ditch, then have Garrett "G-Wiz" Steinmetz show and show everyone up, even after dropping a dozen or so spots to a wheelie-induced mechanical.

Those Volker folks throw a party. Manions is a bear, but far, far too cool. St. Mary's is but a distant memory ...

KCA has the results.

Roger has pics from the day up.

Me and some other people saw some stuff:

West had Open at this point, but G-Wiz wasn't getting off his bike for anyone.

Brian West (Cycle City - Kansas City, MO) won SS by a ton, then just about got Open.

Mr. Cycle City Joe Fox went SS and Cat3 (same time as Open), too.

Best Women's Open field in a long time. Kelly Fisher-Goodwin (Boo Bikes - Alexandria, VA, and second from left) took it, new-to-KC Alyssa Severn (Team Yacht Club, Lees Summit, MO -at right) was second (after winning Saturday). Lindsay Lorenz (Slimen Und Grossen - Lawrence, KS - and third from left) was third.

Approaching Mordor, site of Manions, early today.

Cat3 up the hill, lap one.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Awesome today, be at Manion's Sunday

Some things odd about the world today, some not so much.

Odd: Sunny at GP Neerpelt.

Not so odd: Albert did his typical early reason rage, and made fools of everyone there.

Odd: Rain at Manions. You'd think we'd have had this one other time?

Not so odd: Me going backwards there.

You know now, with that weather system gone, Sunday will be a Chamber of Commerce day. Not to be at Manions would be a bad, bad thing. Then again, that course in a reversed direction might just be a bad, bad thing. Methinks it will be somewhat faster than some of today.

Results from Belgium (Soudal GP Neerpelt 2013):

Niels Albert (Bel) BKCP-Powerplus Cycling Team

Sven Nys (Bel) Crelan-Euphony

Philipp Walsleben (Ger) BKCP-Powerplus Cycling Team

Niels going nuts (Anyone bunnyhop The Stitch like that today?):

Results from Manions. (KCA)

Roger's photos aren't up yet.

Some weird GIF thing my Android phone does (W Masters turn two or so).

Nearly the entire Cat4 Men's field, lap two on the first tricky downhill turn. Nice recovery from the first lap seen here. Course was quite slick for a while. This is supposed to be a movie, not this choppy thing. I'll get it one of these days.

And cool, Cat5 Men! Love it. KC Cyclocross rocks on ...

Friday, September 27, 2013

Listen, if you can ride a bike.

Ride a race. You know what? Ride Manions. 

Manions kicks off the KC season Saturday and Sunday. Check it. (This is V13? Oh, we're a little bit older than we used to be.)

Get up early tomorrow and catch SOUDAL GP Neerpelt from Belgium. (Sporza, most likely.)

Keep an eye on the NE Nationals. (Glow-steer, is it?)

Bring the umbrella. Who knows?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

What up with the week?

Reminds me, this is not the week for the weak. It's starting. Get those legs and bikes ready, get that stuff you need at Volker.

Manion's on the weekend. Course map is out there, and has all the hilly goodness we've grown to love and expect. Bring the sunscreen if the forecast holds true. And know that the strength you build there will come in handy for the other 18 or so KC-area races still on the schedule.

Over yonder: SOUDAL GP Neerpelt. (Gloucester if you don't venture into or over the Atlantic, if East Coast is your thing.) Fun course there in Belgium.

And if you're still seeking those skills: Clinics continue with a Wednesday nighter at Epic north o' those rivers, and a Thursday eve again in Lawrence at Joules.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Boss Cross adds a date

Somewhere on this planet, this dude may be smiling.
Not sure what to make of this Boss Cross thing. First they're MIA. Then right about when all hope is lost, Mr. Boss Hogg comes up with a date. (Sunday, Oct. 27 in Shawnee.)

Now, so sayeth The Oracle (the KCA calendar), Boss Cross has yet ANOTHER date, the day before the already-known one, in PARKVILLE (Nice recovery, North of The River). An epic locale, that, for a mess of reasons. And the perfect day (weekend, actually) for this year's batch of starters or first-timers. And me. (Very, very flat Parkville, and somewhat flattish Veterans Park the next day.) "Drivers" courses, I've heard them called, whatever that means.

So mark those calendars and smart phones. Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 26 & 27. Parkville, MO, and Shawnee, KS. Boss Cross.

Rock on, KC cyclocross. Rock on.

Just about a week out

Manions is looming a week from tomorrow. It's all about to begin ...

Maybe you're in WI, for the USGP (?) Sun Prairie Cup? That's the nearest C1 race to us this weekend?

CoMo is tomorrow in Columbia, link to the right, or go straight to The Facebook.

CXMagazine has a nice interview with the World Champ, I'm not sure we'll ever see him race disc brakes.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

CrossVegas happened

Karen Brocket, Jetcycling (Raytown, MO, pretty sure) was 42nd at CrossVegas 2013 last night, and World Champ Sven Nys remained perfect in 2013 with a win, all while resplendent in World Champ White atop a white bike that still says Colnago.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Leawood hot laps tonight

Meet at 6:30 at the tennis courts. Course choice depends on conditions. Be there.

Monday, September 16, 2013

What was and will be

few names we know raced over the weekend in Hermann. (Not current as of this post.)
* USA Cycling has results.

First big Euro UCI race of the season, and Neils Albert (Bkcp-Powerplus) took it like just about expected.

StarCrossed happened.

Manion's talk getting louder.

Joules clinic again Thursday.

And RiverfrontCX might be getting mowed soon. If anyone wants more details on that email me, I might know more than you do.

It's all happening, all at once, it seems like.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Leawood City Park CYCLOCROSS!

Dan, second from right (KC Bicycle Club) was one of the riders spotted.
Are you kidding me? A tight mile-or-so singletrack layout with rollers, log obstacles, and just enough crazy climbs to keep you honest, all in the shadow of a major JoCo soccer location*, and dang near dead center in the county?

Yeah. And it was crawling with CX bikes earlier this weekend. The time must be near.

Want some? Check it. Want to help? Dan Schaeffer is your guy, and you can keep up on what's going on there on The Facebook if you can find the "Leawood City Park Singletrack" group. (Thanks.)

And it's a-okay with Leawood Parks Dept., so trumpet it loud and wide.

* Uh, drop the kids at practice and go practice yourself? Just a thought.

Big practice opportunities today, tomorrow

Today: Women's-only clinic at "Veteran's Park" in Shawnee. Time is 6-7:30. KCA's site has been weird so check out the Google Cache copy of the flyer.

Also today: Supporters of RiverfrontCX (Shawnee) will gather there at 6:30 p.m. to discuss the management of that place. Check out the thread at Earthriders to see some current photos and the chatter.

Thursday: Clinic #2 at Joules (Lawrence). Start time is 6.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

What's up this week?

Locally: We can all breathe again; Boss Cross, feared dead and lost like so many General Lee Chargers, has sprung back onto the KCA calendar in the form of a ONE day, Sunday, Oct. 27 gathering at ...


Yep. We've got it, and if the rumor mill is correct, we get to see what madness Joe and Co. might make of a park some say is too small. Regardless, this remains a KBCXR/T race, part of the year-end marbles deal, so consider yourself warned. Uh, and there's some sand there, too. And uh, NKC?

Over yonder: The big guns will fire first Sunday, Sept. 15, at Steenbergcross. Niels Albert (Bkcp - Powerplus) got this one last year, and actually the top hundred or so were Belgian. It's a Belgian Affair, expect much the same this time, too.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Zach McDonald: You should hire a coach

Hire Adam Mills (or a coach, in other words) said CX wonderkind Zach McDonald before a crowd of
Use multi-corner strategies like fast motorcycle racers do, says Zach.
cyclocross riders, fans and supporters tonight at the Trek Store of KC in Shawnee.

This, before you should get a nicer frame, better wheels, tubulars instead of clinchers, or pretty much anything else you can come up with.

Work on the "engine," and your cornering skills if they're rusty (we race U.S. courses, after all), McDonald said, there's not a whole lot more to this thing called CX.

The show/tell clinic was headed by sometimes Lawrence coach guy Adam Mills, with McDonald and Nebraska-based World Masters CX Champ Mark Savery doing a voiceover of last (this) year's Worlds in Louisville.

The fun continues tomorrow at the increasingly popular (non-Shawnee Town) park in Shawnee near Johnson Drive and Pflumm. Get the flyer at Steve Tilford's blog.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Clinics the rest of the week

Ride your road bike if you need to, or show off the new CX rig. Disc brakes, right?

Wednesday: Shawnee, behind the pool and library at Johnson Drive and Pflumm.

Thursday: Lawrence, the place called Joules by some.

Friday: The Trek store in Lawrence, then the same Shawnee park the next day.

Info on all elsewhere here. Not racing around these parts until Sept. 28-29, but now's the time to get stuff in gear.

Giant makes a form of this for consumer use, but this one belongs to Adam Craig. That stem gives it away. ( pic)