Wednesday, August 28, 2013

T-Minus One Month

Officially the KC-area cyclocross season called 2013-14 kicks off one month from today, with day one at the awful/fantastic Manion's (Auction House) two-day affair. Don't count Boss Cross out, though, and realize that we usually get things going a little sooner than the last weekend of September.
The Euro-esque Manion's course. (I've heard it called other things.)

(Officially, the KCA says, we have 18 races now on the KC-to-Topeka sched, not including the Boss Cross revival, and that so-far includes nothing after the first of the year.)

Meanwhile, as we near this busiest-ever KC cyclocross season, get yourself and your gear prepared for a huge week of clinics, kicking off right after Labor Day:

Next Wednesday: KCOI/Blvd Clinic One, NOT at the usual Shawnee gathering spot, but at the place where Radcross was a few years back (Johnson Drive and Pflumm, SW corner sort of behind the pool). Questions?

Next Thursday: Joules Clinic One, at the Joules CX/track/velodrome location. The e-mail link at that link is broken, you might try at The Facebook.

Next Friday/Saturday: The Source Endurance film study/beginner/advanced clinic extravaganza. Given that instructor names include Tilford, McDonald, Savery, Smith and Mills, there aren't a whole lot better ways you can spend your Friday eve/Saturday. I'm guessing there aren't many who can't learn something here. Contact Adam.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Starts earlier every year?

A few CX bikes were spotted at the recent Cathedral Criterium.
This was a big, huge post about the upcoming season, weather for some reason, thoughts about last year, blah, blah, blah. Basically stuff just interesting to me. (Sort of like everything here, in other words.) Then Aug. 19 hit. The day the Kansas Cycling Association unveiled their latest sched, and then BOOM!

Two races that have been there most of this year went away. A few new ones showed up. A few races we know - we don't know where they'll be held. Boss Cross is missing. BOSS CROSS IS MISSING!

Based on comments on the post earlier than this one, that can't happen. "North of the river" should have a race.

Good thing it's still early. We're STILL over a month out from the first race ...

Okay, where were we?
Boss Cross? Are you f*cking kidding me?

The Sept. 8 race is a no-go.

Buffalo Bill CX is cancelled. The way-hilly Friday night deal in Leavenworth, remember? I think there's a crit in that burg now anyways, if you're into "road" for some reason.

Manion's (the other way-hilly race) moved to a week later in September (now Sept. 28-29), which was the first Boss Cross date. Rumor has it Boss Cross is without a venue. Ideas, anyone? (Uh, Riverfront? Don't tell me the Molly video is so damn poetic when we've got sandy singletrack elements in our backyard. And Seattleites race Seatac just about every day, don't they? Course steward? Mark?)

So far, the first race of the season that hasn't moved dates yet remains the fine 360 Cup weekend in Lawrence, don't miss it! (Though you could buzz over to Hermann or Columbia a bit early and get a jump on everyone else.)

Elsewheres, a few more things have transpired since we all got together to race in this fashion:

Handups are legal. I have no idea if they are, but I swear World Champion Sven Nys said he was going to address that once he was on the UCI Board, and he is now or was, so that's good enough for me. Regardless, you'd need to listen to the officials on the line anyway about the when and where, so do that, and use what they say to trump this. All in all, this is just one of those goofy rules like no sleeveless jerseys, no Obree bikes, no fat tires, no TT bars.

Cat5 is real. In The Word of The Rulebook: "1E6: Category 5 established for men in cyclo-cross and upgrade system changed to resemble the road more. There will be voluntary upgrades and mandatory upgrades based on points. Cat 5 to cat 4 upgrade by experience only."

Boulder Bike Park, good area for DJ CX bikes.
Whatever that means ... (I think it means that if you're a first-timer, and a guy (?) you can possibly race Cat5 and maybe have a good day. Unless you're an E. Fast or somebody, in which case, move along now.)

The UCI is insane. "Official" this, "official" that. Who e-fenn cares? Hot lap stuff all over town and one or two of Sean's gatherings* does a season make. And that's enough to say about that.

Nationals are Jan. 8-12, 2014, in Boulder. Good for us that it's another year with nationals a daytrip from KC. Get there.

* No more?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Race early in Columbia, MO

It's no secret: One of the best ways to whoop-butt on your KC buddies is to sneak in a race a little bit early. This season, the place to do just that is Columbia, MO, on Sept. 21. Since the KC season (might not) start until the next weekend, see what you can do at the CoMO Cyclocross Cup. Uh, and this is a NIGHT race. Rock on!

Bonus tip: Reg starts Wednesday noon, you'll line up in the order you sign up.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Clinic. This. Sunday.

It's mid-August, it's Kansas City, so of COURSE we're cyclocrossing already. Come on!

Sunday clinic time: Power Team Coaching and Olathe Parks & Recreation represent with a skills clinic running about 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Being Olathe, it's probably off Strang Line Road somewhere, but you might double-check the flyer for the better accuracy.

Now get back to road and trails and whatever. It's August, you know.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Be The Man at Shawnee Riverfront CX

Coolest place in the city, that Shawnee Riverfront CX. Seems it needs a course steward now, whatever that means. Maybe you mow, or hang tape, or just keep a look out every so often.

Place is the bomb, let's keep it going.

The course is a little different now, we can't ride on the berm thing.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Input needed for which bike and where

I'm going to be in KC (Roeland Park) next week and am trying to decide whether to bring my road bike or CX bike. I lived in KC for a decade (in Ohio now), so I know the roads well. I'm just getting into CX, so I don't really know where to ride other than parks.

Any feedback that you can get me by Tuesday, the 13th will be greatly appreciated.


- Tim