Friday, December 13, 2013

she's breaking up ... she's breaking up

80s? Not quite. Steve is The Man.

Congrats KS state champions.

Race Sunday at Longview; no series implications, but new courses are always fun.

3, 2 ...

C1 Sunday in Belgium. What else is new?

N.C. is the place to be these shores. Anyone Eastbound and down? (Diesel 47.9?)

THIS rules.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Hip, hip hooray! Holiday races!

I spoke too soon, with these holiday week races surfacing now ...

Snowy Grote race last time around, I think, or was it Old Year?
Mark's standard fair: Boxing Day the 26th (a Thursday), Grote Prijs the 29th (a Sunday), and Cross off the Old Year on the 31st (a Tuesday). Flyers are flying at kscycling, so go get up to date. Boxing Day, at least, is confirmed for Mission Farms, which is a great place for a course. Usually boggy, heavy, hard, cold, windy, sometimes snowy, the whole nine yards.

Beyond now and then: States this weekend (MO and KS), Longview Dec. 15.

This weekend: Big damn deals in Bend, Antwerp and Overijse (Belgium, both those). It's been a week off, and week in the sun for those Euro guys, who knows who will be on these times?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Why we race

Today WAS Epic, for a few reasons, and wraps up a three-races-in-four-days span which happens now and again in KC, and puts us ahead of the pretenders.

Thursday (Thanksgiving Day a.m.) was Gobble Cross at RiverfrontCX, and I hope that opened a few eyes to the gem that is that area. If you do not get strong and improve your sand riding skills by frequenting that area with regularity, I'm pretty sure not much out there can help you. Roger visited.

Saturday was Penn Valley CX (first time there in ten years or so, if my memory is working right now), and a place we need to be at from time to time. KC represent! Roger was there.

And Sunday was indeed Epic (CX), at Epic Cycle and Sport, and likely the last time we'll be up and over that berm thing.

State races loom next weekend (Kansas in Topeka), with a 1.5-point multiplier which might play into a year-end title, though a few categories are already in the win column.

I'm not sure what happened to the trio of year-ender races on kscycling now, with only a new Dec.15 race at Longview on the schedule after state. Maybe The End is Nigh for the Kansas City Cyclocross season 2013-14, before we even get to 14 this time?

Meanwhile, Best Cyclocross Racer Ever Zdenek Stybar won the Boonen & Friends charity thing in Belgium again Saturday, and turned down a $1 million plus (dollar) contract to go back to racing CX full time. Sadly, he said no. A few guys breathe a sigh of relief.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Race RiverfrontCX Thanksgiving morning

Nothing overseas coming up this weekend other than the Boonen & Friends benefit in Mol, where The Man Zdenek Stybar will drag out the old CX bike again. Fingers crossed he remembers he's The Man, and comes back for a few more before the season is over.

Locally, get yourself to RiverfrontCX (for once) tomorrow a.m. for a freebie pickup race - including a two-person relay thing.

Saturday: Penn Valley CX is still on, be there! Old-timers will recall some awesome course features available in that park, here's hoping one or two make it in.

Sunday: Epic Bike & Sport will use their gigantic berm/whoopdie thing one last time for Holiday Cross, before a bank or church or something is built on that land, so go get some there before the wrecking ball arrives.

Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Niels' world, he just lets us live in it

Niels schooled Lars at Gieten yesterday, on a track a lot less impressive than the day before at Koksijde, but with the same result. (Lars needed to bring those futuristic pedals back with him, apparently.)

The former world champ now leads the Superprestige series. Too.

Meanwhile, at Louisburg, results surfaced at USA Cycling for Lost Trail 1 (Saturday). (Revision pending)

Roger has a mess of photos up from both days, Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cold day one at Lost Trail

No official results posted, but Roger has photos of the frigid day.

Over in the sand Niels was Niels, Mehvin Mehvin, and Sven just protected his points position on a day that Mourey hung around long enough.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Everybody's racin' for the weekend (?)

Sorry, heard this on the way home ...

Third week in a row without a race "in KC," and this time around, you need only travel as far as Louisburg (KS) for two days of fun in the form of Lost Trail Cyclocross at the Loiusburg Cider Mill. This race took on legendary status after a one-day run last season, and also was remembered as a day it was supposed to be clear and 50 degrees, but was instead mid-30s, damp, and cloudy.

Might be a bit cold this time around too, or at least a bit of a shock to the system, right?

Oh, and this is also races 3 and 4 in Series60. One and two were, uh, remind me?

Big, big, big weekend over yonder these two days, too. The Super Cross Cup name is back, in the way of Super Cross 1 in Stony Point, NY. That's a C2 race, and/or the biggest thing on these shores right now. A few more frequent mile points east and you could be a part of UCI Cyclocross World Cup 3, at (freeking) Koksijde, BEL (that's Belgian for sand). This is another race that rules (so did this one, with Albert and Compton winning, even though Zdenek was in that field).

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wichita results are posted

Results from last weekend's races in Newton and Wichita, KS, are posted now at

Keep in mind that Sunday's Wichita race was a 'k-bar' event, with points implications. That series wraps up at the state race Dec. 8 in Topeka.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some info

Sand Creek results (Newton, KS) - last Saturday

(Still no word from the k-bar affair in Wichita Sunday.)

9 to go, 9 to go, 9 to go, 9 to go: If you go off the year sched at KS Cycling, we've got nine more races this calendar year, and who knows if another few will pop up for early 2014? Next up is this weekend, both days, at Louisburg, a venue that was epic last year, but had few takers.

And this is Series60?

It's beginning to look a lot like cyclocross, if you look at the weather forecasts.

* Don't forget to vote on best course of the season (through not-quite half way). I'll put another one of those up toward the end of the season to see if any course can bump Manions 1 or Boss Cross 1 from the top spot (mud fans for the first, I'm guessing, and mountain bikers for the second maybe).

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cool weekend, wasn't it?

Europe (Belgium): Nys showed what a World Champion is all over again, taking apart Albert before the final turn as usual on Saturday, then crushed all Sunday at Asper-Gavere, when Albert trailed but fellow BKCP-Powerplus person Philipp Walsleben fell much like his teammate.

bpost bank trofee - GP Hasselt 2013
Sven Nys (Bel) Crelan KDL Cycling Team 0:59:53  
Niels Albert (Bel) BKCP-Powerplus Cycling Team  
Klaas Vantornout (Bel) Sunweb-Napoleon Games Cycling Team

Superprestige Gavere
Sven Nys (Bel) Crelan KDL Cycling Team
Philipp Walsleben (Ger) BKCP-Powerplus 
Klaas Vantornout (Bel) Sunweb-Napoleon Games Cycling Team

Saturday's race failed compared to Sunday, so check out the too-cool/muddy Gavere course (and don't forget to see Mehvin with a mechanical. Imagine that.)

Iowa: Rain all weekend didn't come through, and great conditions met CX folks at this again ten-days-early UCI race in the state north of KC. Get those results at USA Cycling. And get better, LL, we hear you broke a finger day one in the dark? Snoop info on Twitter if you do that sort of thing.

Somewheres in Kansas: Races Saturday and Sunday were held sort of in the middle Southeastern part of the state, and results are hard to find. Anyone have anything on those events, including a 'k-bar' gathering?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sign up online for Sand Creek CX

Here's the link ... (This is tomorrow's race in Newton, KS)

Not going to Newton? You might check around to watch Saturday's bpost bank trofee - GP Hasselt race from Hasselt, BEL. Boring, flat course, but in the every-second-counts series, so that's that.

Or Sunday, do NOT miss Superprestige Gavere from Gavere, BEL. Best course ever, many say. (Egads! No spiral?)

Get both video links at Cycling Fans.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This week holds for us

Cold, for one thing. Good thing it will be like 70 this weekend to make it an average week.

Speaking of this weekend (starting Friday), it's Midwest Nationals time, otherwise known as Jinglecross. Seems it's not just line-up by order of registration anymore (brilliant recreation of how we bought concert tickets back in the day), but there's going to be a shred of sanity introduced following the first day of racing. (Not including UCI races, they are going standard UCI stuff there.)

And while there is a SPIRAL WARNING affixed to this otherwise fine venue, it seems that some work has been done on Mt. Krumpit, which may or may not float your boat. (Looks like there's more of Mt. stuff to ride.) You might check out the Web site there, if only to rest assured that the fun mouse pointer elements remain from the former 'jinglecrossrock' site.

What to do, what to do before heading to the nation of Iowa?

  • Or maybe this is the week you ride RiverfrontCX? Or will you wait until Thanksgiving morning, when we assemble for race action there?
Also this weekend (I don't have time to call this or whatever), you can race if you road trip the opposite direction from Iowa and visit Newton, KS, Saturday, and Wichita, KS, Sunday (for a 'k-bar' race, in fact). Get those details at kscycling (SPIRAL WARNING at one or the other venues, I recall).

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Some results from the weekend

One of the neatest races of the season last night, many contests under lights at Heartland Park Topeka (Grand Prix HPT).

KCA has results
Roger has photos

Find official results from the Mudfund Derby City Cup in Louisville here. Still looking for Ruts and Guts in Broken Arrow, OK. Britton has a few GIF-fy videos up.

At a fantastic muddy Hamme-Zogge earlier today, Niels got away halfway or so through the Superprestige contest, and held off a sometimes-disc-riding Nys for the win. Klaas had another mechanical, ran most of a lap, but still got by Meh Pauwels for 6th.

Niels Albert (Bel) BKCP-Powerplus Cycling Team
Sven Nys (Bel) Crelan KDL Cycling Team
Philipp Walsleben (Ger) BKCP-Powerplus

Watch the U23 race the first few minutes of the video above, then watch how Lars (From The Future) races in the big boy race.  Those contests are going to get real interesting the next few years, when Nys hangs it up, and some of those guys take on Lars again.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Hamme-Zogge will be muddy!

This will rule, this is a great course in the mud. The bog, being a bog. Hamme-Zogge, Belgium, check the weekender there.

Meanwhile, near here, maybe some are heading to Louisville's "permanent" CX course for the MudFund Derby City Cup.

Others are headed to Topeka for Grand Prix HPT.

Others might be resting or preparing in other ways for the impending Midwest CX Nationals (Jinglecross).

And still others, maybe, as the season is nearing the halfway mark, may notice the schedule changing a bit again. Penn Valley CX is now in "moved" state with a Nov. 30 date. And at least one major local series (KCBXR/T) will wrap up with a race quite a bit far from the KC area, and on the same weekend as Jinglecross ... this is getting interesting.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

There was midweek stuff this week

Seems I didn't look hard enough. Reference the comment received from Volker, and remember it each time Wednesday rolls around.

"It's back!

Starting this Wednesday and continuing thru February (?) we will be meeting at Latte land on the Plaza for a 1.5 hr urban mountain bike ride.

We depart at 6:30 from the Latte Land on the western edge of the plaza, by Anthropology.

We go pretty fast on this ride but will regroup throughout as necessary. Nobody gets left behind. This year we will be adding the Roanoke trails to the regular route. Route is cross bike friendly."

Bring your own tubes and pumps. All your lights too. It's fun urban ride that cuts through many city parks, back alleys, etc.

And if near Roanoke Park, you might check if Micah is calling you out for a Thursday night skills session. Keep up with that group at The Facebook.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What to look forward to this week

If there's any gatherings, I've yet to hear about them. With this return to "standard" time, and our world now plunged into darkness and gloom, post-work formal practices will be tough to pull off. It's like the world is the dark part of Silent Hill all the time, or maybe that's just me.

Still, you might hold out hope that Swayze Followers will assemble in a post-SwayzeMonth, and ride with lights and all at some mid-city park.

And on the weekend, you have what some call the best race of the season: Grand Prix HPT (Heartland Park Topeka), whereby area cyclocross racers almost look like they're racing in and around the velodrome at Roubaix, only it's a dirt stock car track in Topeka. Still, one not to be missed. That's Saturday night. Night! A few races in the dark. Pretty cool.

Sunday's race is cancelled, it was supposed to be Penn Valley Cyclocross, but who knows why it's cancelled?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ah, sand, we meet again

Today was Blvd Cup 2013, or Return to Veterans Park, or sand again, er, Sand Again. (Back me up here, we've had it at Cross Out Cancer, both Boss Cross races, and here.)

Yeah, this is cyclocross.

(Did you see the carbon-copy race at Zonhoven earlier today? Nys went around Albert at the exact spot he did last year at this same event, restoring cosmic order to the big leagues. Check it: 2012 is here, go to 5:28 to see the 2013 finish from today. Klaas was third. The course is sick.)

USA Cycling has the results

Somebody saw some stuff, but nothing can top:

ChrisGo, fairly certainly shooting B&W, subject: Fatbike. (Which won 6-9 Juniors.)

Meanwhile, Colavita guys came through with lots of Open stuff:

I've got a story here somewhere.


More Open.

You dudes are taking some cool pics.

Garret on a CX bike? And Micah.

Brian and Shadd, AWESOME pic. West's Euro Pro 70s style gives him away.

Help needed for Leawood City Park Singletrack (Cyclocross in my world)

Gather Saturday, this Saturday, at 9:30 a.m. at Leawood City Park Singletrack if you can help make that trail system even longer.

There's talk on that group's The Facebook page about another portion of trail they are hoping to re-open. Have at it!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Great bunch of races, don't forget Sunday

Zonhoven now.

Weird, this 'big boy pants' CX season is becoming. Klaas and Tommy had pretty good rides in recent days, then Friday on the big hill called Koppenberg and the fields on either side, they were part of a peloton entering the final lap, and they rode away from standard champions Nys and Co.

Tommy for the win in the sprint. Wow. Check it: Last Ronde at Sporza (Pretty much the whole world is still in it, don't worry.)

bPost Bank Trofee 2 Koppenbergcross
FTW: Tom Meeusen (Bel) Telenet-Fidea Cycling Team
Behind: Kevin Pauwels (Bel) Sunweb-Napoleon Games Cycling Team (Meh)
The man who started it all: Klaas Vantornout (Bel) Sunweb-Napoleon Games Cycling Team
Then: Philipp Walsleben (Ger) BKCP-Powerplus
Nys was next. Albert 10th. (A little early for him to be caving in, but whatever.)

Then today in a race that reminded several of the way we raced 20 or so years ago, we had Colavita Cup kicking many in the behind (but helping build skills in a way we rarely see anymore). This is cyclocross, it's not called easy, you know. Awesome, these race days we enjoy in these parts. And how about that under-tree shortcut? A whole bunch of things we'll be talking up for some time to come.

Roger has pics
KCA has results

I tried to do stuff - go ahead to 35 seconds or so (Masters Men, midway through lap one):

Womens Open right after the start:

Sunday in Europe it's Superprestige Zonhoven, an awesome course. Imagine: Straight down a Manions hill in two feet of sand. Then back up. Best last lap of the season last year, IMO.

Check it out from last time around:

Sunday in KC right next to where we were today (and where we were last Sunday at Boss Cross), you can take part in Blvd Cup (the party where CX races sometimes break out). It's another two-race weekend in this KC cyclocross season.

(And don't forget to mess with your clocks tonight, farmers and all that.)

Kansas City cyclocross rocks on ...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What was and will be

It wasn't just our two days of Boss Cross that left a mark last weekend, there were other races going on. To catch up:

Lots of people we know did well at Gateway Cup over the weekend. Check out the Day One and Day Two results. Some names there from KC areas that I don't recognize, though? Anyone?

World Almost guy Klaas Vantornout (Sunweb-Revor) kept it between the barriers long enough Sunday to take round one of Superprestige Ruddervoorde, with The Usual Players coming in a few further back than we'd expect. (Sort of, it was world champion Sven Nys (Crelan KDL) and Tom Meeusen (Telenet-Fidea) following. Lars and Neils were next, Lars still stopping by from his place in The Future.)

Other thing of note: Tommy being the aggressor in a field like this. Other thing not unexpected: Kevin flailing in the mud. Yeah, not many can be tenth in an event like this, but the guy completely looks out of his element when the grass has dew on it, despite his Belgianess and the Ridley he rides.

Laatse lapree:

Now that all that is out of the way, we have the rest of the week ahead of us. Quite a lot of rain out there, so I'd recommend tearing up RiverfrontCX if you need to go hard Wednesday. Not sure the Swayze gathering will go, but it is still October, so who knows?

Thursday, you know. Since we're basically kids racing bikes in parks and jumping over stuff, let the real kids have their fun. The kid who shows up with the bike on one shoulder gets all our candy.
Colavita Cup, sort of where Sunday's Boss Cross race was (Southwest of Johnson Drive and Pflumm in Shawnee). You know the field you noticed from the high point of that race? That's where we'll be racing. (61st and Pflumm.) No idea where we'll be parking. I'll try and find out. Hell, ride there.
The party where cyclocross races sometimes break out, Boulevard Cup will take place exactly where Boss Cross was last Sunday, or right next to where we race Saturday. We'll get this.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Boss Cross. Yeah, it happened.

"Chicken Crossing," the sign along the road said a little West of Parkville, and a few things came to mind:

If I start hearing banjo music from a nearby front porch, I'm driving to Google headquarters to let them have it about their directions.

World HQ of my team
WHICH fork in the road am I looking for?

This reminds me a little bit about calling Jeremy's number at 10 a.m. to find out where we're racing later in the day. In a weird way. Who else did that? (Called Jeremy's number, didn't listen for banjo music?)
Then my wheezing car made it to the top of the bluff (?), and it looked like the place. The course (Boss
Don't Google Map and drive, and take a photo. Where am I?
Cross-ish all the way), was a bit like the Swope course of years gone by: A long deal on either side of a road in the woods, but with an awful amount of elevation change. Hills I had to run (walk), not so much ride (more on that in a bit).

And then we were off. Now, not to brag or anything, and don't look at that 11 person class count, but I was holding a top ten place for once. And running up one of the hills I couldn't really ride, and doing a totally PRO remount (c'mon, you hoppers), and some combo of a crummy seatpost or saddle design failed me. No pit bike on this day, my friends, I was out. Again.

One of these things does not like the other.
But enough of that. Joe noted that this was the first of two Boss Cross days this season, and only two, what with troubles any more finding places to host our craziness.  Much, much gratitude to those who let us race here. This wasn't just a tough course a little bit like we stream from Europe, it was a feast for those crazy straight-bar 29er folks. Nearly short-track mountain bike racing, it seemed. Good thing we'd be at the driver-ish Veteran's Park in Shawnee tomorrow. You think?

KCA result
Roger's evidence

I remembered to record a few things:

Tyler Henson (Slimenundgrossen - Leawood, KS) took 40+.

Got to hand it to Jeremy. Despite all those questionable things you hear, the guy can make a course out of a shoebox, paperclip and bubble gum. How about that off camber woodsy thing? The rideable curb/hill/curb thing? An angled approach to barriers? Sand you should have ridden (just like Saturday), but probably didn't?

That's the new high bar for that place. Don't let that Aussie guy beat us. I mean seriously, Jeremy?

Highlights acccording to me:

  • Cycle City is killing it in Single Speed. C'mon.
  • Burch and those other straight bar guys raged a second day. I say we all rock straight bars now.
  • Juniors rule. If you missed that turnout. bad on you.
  • Cat 4/5 FTW. Funnest race of the day, easy.

The junior racer cheering on his dad on the final lap of 4/5. I will LAUGH through Ol' Yeller. This, though. This.

I would have had photos on the day if I'd remembered.

I shouldn't have mentioned this. Kansas City Cyclocross rocks on ...

KCA tells
Roger photos

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lars IS from the future

Did you see that kid? Holy cow. It was inevitable Lars VDH would get one, but the way he won Sunday should strike fear in a few of the other guys we're usually talking about.

And I'm pretty certain Lars, who is indeed from the future, is the first big Euro race winner with disc brakes. Seems that when the ground turns to mud, you don't pay for your stuff, and you can get a squeaky-clean new bike every half lap, you can take a chance on discs.

Or, you know, be from the future. (DEV team, huh?)

Monday, October 21, 2013

This week/end

Two words: Boss Cross

It's Boss Cross week. Check the site for info, and ask yourself: Where's Waldron? Just west of Parkville, it seems. Something like first gravel road past the Y in the road. I wonder if there's a bridge out on that gravel road? Yee-haw!

But that's Saturday. Sunday is in Shawnee. Veteran's Park. You know the place. I, for one, welcome our new Shawnee Park Course Markers.

As usual this week, check with the Swayze blog for the Wednesday madness. And get to RiverfrontCX. Steve, dansb and others have done a ton of work, and the tire tracks are showing that some get it. Now it's your turn to get it.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Joules Day Two: What a day ...

Picture-perfect day to hang out in a lawn chair, maybe have a soda pop or two, grab a bowl of chili or slice of pizza when you're hungry. Or maybe coffee and a donut ball or two.

And to race your cyclocross bike!

Much harder, that way around Joules, weird how that is. A bigger racer group showed, too, with people from Sioux City, Iowa (pretty sure), St. Jo, Denver, a few other far-away places.

And if you weren't there early, you missed a pretty good-sized Masters Men field(s) go off, and another tremendous women's showing. Something like 20 between 3/4 and Masters there, and about ten in Womens Open later. Too cool.

Roger was there
KCA has results

I did more of this stuff today than yesterday

Maybe before you got there, Womens 3/4 and Masters.

Wendy Guilbeau (Slimenundgrossen- Bonner Springs, KS)
 was third in Masters.

My Bike of the Day, loving the Wilier (Bike Stop, I'm told).

Shadd's little one took the kid race.

You know the guy everyone yells names at during Rocky Horror Picture Show? It's a little like that. J. Haynes (Cycle City Racing - Australia), from parts unknown, which means Boss Cross is near ...

Alyssa Severn (Team Yacht Club - Lees Summit, MO)
 went 1-2 Saturday-Sunday in Women's Open.

Loads of fun! Joules day one done

Rain did wonders for Joules, smoothing out areas which are sometimes a bit bumpy, and making tires stick well. Quick, near-brakeless track that will throw at least one surprise in the reverse direction, and another day of the bouncy house thing for kids.

And the chili cook-off! What's not to like about this fourth year at this fab near-Lawrence location?

Let's have at it!

(Reminder: This is a 'K-Bar' race, so look at where we stood after Manions 2, and do the math. Nice work by the MO crowd.)

Roger was there (Euro tunes here and there)
KCA has results

If you're not leaving for Sunday yet, check out World Cup Round 1 at about 8 a.m.

I didn't take too many, but saw some stuff

Micah Gordon in Open late in the day.

This thing was SO epic, my focus was off. Find one and eat it.

A few of the battlers, and others, reliving the Open battle.

I didn't see Stybar anywhere, but I believe this is his bike? (Just-sitting-there Bike of the Day, this is.)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Joules Saturday/Sunday - World Cup 1 Sunday

NOW: Check the Joules schedule, see the Joules map.

SUNDAY: Put your bets down on UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup #1 2013 - Cauberg (Sunday, Valkenburg, NED), it's the big one (that's not in Lawrence, KS) this weekend.

IN A FEW WEEKS: Find yourself at another race in Shawnee - Colavita Cup and Blvd Cup are both at Veterans Park there (home of day two Boss Cross this season, and Radcross a few years back).

And since Miami Vice isn't on right now, you have other options.

Monday, October 14, 2013

The week ahead

Joules is Saturday and Sunday at that place just north of Lawrence (the way a non-Lawrence person sees it). You know the course ... but you might check out the weekend weather outlook, and find a few more clothes for those earlier races.

Wednesday's Swayze practice stuff is again at a different place, get all you need at that blog, but probably not just yet.

If you've been to RiverfrontCX in Shawnee, and do The Facebook, do your thing at that place.

And finally, you might check in on weekly Swope Park night rides at Earthriders; these were quite popular last year at this time.

And DO watch yesterday's race in Ronse. Eh-Pick. And do keep an eye on Lars. Disc brakes. He gets it. (I think.) Lars is from the future. Kevin, not so much.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Today's results, and great day by the Cross Out Cancer crew

Euro: World Champion Sven Nys (Crelan-Euphony) took round one of bpost Bank Trofee at Ronse, BEL, in a muddy/rainy day on a crazy hill course. Epic Number One of the season.

Following Nys were Martin Bina (Kwadro-Stannah), and Niels Albert (BKCP-Powerplus).

Colorado: Karen Brocket (Jet Cycling - Raytown, Mo) was 34th in Elite Women at the Colorado Cup Classic (Saturday), and Lindsay Lorenz (Slimenundgrossen - Lawrence, KS) was 37th. Brocket and Lorenz finished in those same spots at Sunday's Boulder Cup, too.

Shawnee Mission Park: One of the best races of the year, in my opinion. Great, demanding course, that doesn't cause fear like a Manions might, but still makes you dread the laps-to-go a little bit.

Day started off a bit brisk, then got warmer throughout, and the grippy ground turned to worn out and slick by day's end. Hope Jen is okay, had an incident at the first barriers a few laps in.

KCA has results

I saw this and that:

Second barriers today allowed the daring to hop the (low) first, then get over the second in conventional ways.

Not quite 8 across, today's starts were more Gran Prix de Nations or something.
Pit bike winner of the day. I'd no idea, but it's Bocomo.

Cat4 was a cool race, with Gianni DeAngelo (Shawnee Mission, KS - Slimenundgrossen/ trying to get away.

But Nathan Shay (Lawson, Mo - Cycle City Racing) got the win.
Jeret Kusiak (Fairway, KS - Colavita/Parisi), here with SS guys catching up, took the Cat3 win.

Watch Ronse, get to Cross Out Cancer

Watch Ronse (8 AM start, I think)

Get there an hour early to sign up and see the course: Cross Out Cancer starts at 10 a.m. (for the 4/5 Men and Women 35+)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Big weekend. Big.

Okay, I don't know how fast you can go with cantilever brakes sticking out there and 24 psi Belgian-taped tubulars buzzing on concrete, but it's still up to you if you want to try your aero skills at Saturday's Octoginta TT near Lawrence. It's been 44 years of such madness, and it might be more your style to do one of the long rides after the TT, or buy/sell some stuff at the swap meet later in the day.

And again, Midwest Velo is in charge of Cross Out Cancer Sunday at Shawnee Mission Park (Theater in the Park entrance). Just as long as Richard and Co. keep of sound mind and spirit, and avoid course insanity, we have another good one on our hands. Check out those whacky classes, too, this is one of those.

Sunday over yonder, it's something like this:

GVA Trofee - Ronse DBA "bpost Bank Trofee"
Some might say "GP Mario De Clerq," and they'd be correct, but we don't really talk like that.
Going down at: Ronse-Kluisbergen (BEL)

Two things here. First, this is a bpost Bank Trofee race. Second only to Superprestige, this means series cred at year's end and all.
Early races at SMP ruled last season.
Secondly, this race is at Ronse, which is a little bit like our first race being at Manions. Hills make a diff. Ronse, I think means hills. It's on, like, the biggest hill of all in Flanders, (cxmagazine pic) which may or may not mean much, but still ... it let Kevin put Zdenek in arrears here a little bit. There must be something to this.

And don't forget you might need UCI points? Boulder's not too far away, and I might need you to take a bike there for me to sell to some dude.

Don't Google Boulder Cup unless you want 2011 info. DBC events, I can do that HTML stuff if you want.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

More about this week

Life's what you make it, and there's a bunch of living to do this week if you're so inclined.

It's not just Swayze Memorial practice racing Wednesday, there's also the Wednesday gatherings (lots of KCBC folks) at Leawood Singletrack (Cyclocross) location, there's some resting going on to prepare for Boulder Cup this weekend (in, uh, Boulder), and there's a Saturday that just fell into your race-occupied lap ... with Lake Olathe CX/Olathe Lake CX falling off the latest KCA sched.

Sunday is still on, it's still Cross Out Cancer at Shawnee Mission Park.

And Lost Trail CX confirmed Louisburg Cider Mill for the race again this year, so would you go this time around? (Nobody says you can't run three scoops of Stans per wheel.)

Monday, October 7, 2013

This week

We have Cross Out Cancer Sunday at Shawnee Mission Park. One of the best courses of the year, in my opinion, at least last year. A day of rain ending that morning helped, but so did lots of 90 degree turns, rather than a fascination with as many 180s as tape would allow. Just saying.

The day before, or this Saturday, is supposedly a new one: Olathe Lake CX, or Lake Olathe CX, but details are lacking a bit there, and suspicions are that this one won't go.

The flyer for Cross Out Cancer is at right.

The Wednesday night practice race(s) is on at Swayze Memorial (where a new touch for the season has them at different locations each week), and Shawnee RiverfrontCX awaits, with even a bit more landscaping done in recent days thanks to dansb at the Earthriders Forum. What the place still needs, though, is your CX or 29er tires rolling over it. Don't let time go by and this place become a real park, and we stand around saying "remember when?"

Sunday, October 6, 2013

360 Cup Day Two

Another blustery day, another fine day at Centennial Park, and another day of legit CX weather 'round these parts (yes, even including late day two at Manions, if you've checked out early races at Treviso, Italy, in recent years).

A reversed course, with features that didn't cause much concern Saturday bringing about lead changes in a race or two I know about.

No series or points implications at all this weekend*, but still we have results from the KCA (and they also posted KCBXR/T points through Manions if you're into that).


Speaking of implications, A. Severn called out area promoters on inconsistency in Women's Open race time duration. I couldn't say that better myself, and I'll raise you one: How about payout amounts and depth for Women's Open, especially since we're now seeing turnout numbers approaching many men's open races? (Five deep at 360 Cup for the men, three deep for the women - Saturday, anyway.)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nice work by the 360 crew: 360 Cup Day One

Very much the same course layout as last year at Lawrence's Centennial Park, only better (not so frantic up there by the playground area), with a bit more flow. Punchy course with pretty quick lap times, for all classes.

Thinking Sunday will be a bit more difficult, between the possible weather, and the hills that will go up, compared to the way we went today.

Roger has today up (and Day One of Manions now, too)
KCA has the results

I don't know much, but I saw a few things

Katherine Kelter (GP-Velotek, Olathe, KS) had a good one going in Women's Open until a last-lap or so crash. Hope you're okay!

Iowa (or is it Minnesota?), being a foreign country and all, had a few visitors today who brought along weird and unusual things.

Second thing I did today proving I have no idea what I'm doing: This time it's the first lap for Cat 3, SS, and Women's Open on the barrier uphill.  The bizarro phone thing I was using to do this was zooming for some reason, beyond my control (sort of like my riding style). Sorry, but I hope you see yourself here (I think two or three of you won't).

Friday, October 4, 2013

Race(s) this weekend

Two days at Lawrence's Centennial Park for year two of the 360 Cup there. Not a south-facing hill, and tonight's forecast is worth a look. Could it be two Saturdays in a row for this? (Thanks, Chris Thomas.) Around here? No way!

Flyer at right. Be there. Get the latest at the 360 team's The Facebook place.

Belgium: Ruddervorde (Sunday), the place with the whoops and that funky hill just in the middle of it all. (Is that Lars? Be still, my beating heart!)

And send me your pics from this weekend, if you can.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

RiverfrontCX report, because you're wondering

First of all, I'm KOM at 7:28. Have at it.

No idea what course I was on, since there's one or two connectors, but I think it was the long one.

So you may have noticed, the course is shorter than the one we rode last year. Correct. But, it's harder. It's a grind. Maybe two corners are tight enough that you stop pedaling. Maybe. Flat, flat out, and fast. But not. Think Joules a little bit, only flatter. (Or Lieven, actually, only flatter. Sort of.)

Barriers are up. If you don't like where they are, move them. Bring a hammer or mallet.

Anyone got paint they can spare?

The long singletrack in the woods is good. Ride it slowly first lap out, make sure the winds didn't knock any large branches down (!).

The short, horseshoe sandy bit is good. I found it too boggy to ride out of, but then I scooted my way around just about every corner at Manions so I'm used to that.

The medium woods drop-in and sandy run-up is DOA right now. If anyone wants to chip in with some chainsaw work there, have at it. And bring a rake. The entry and exit are cut in, but no way should you ride it (unless you're Garret).

There's also another cut-in that won't take you anywhere. Watch out for that - and again go easy lap one to figure out where you're going. (Little green flags may be a clue.)

Be careful out there ...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

RiverfrontCX is back in business

If RiverfrontCX rings a bell, that's because it's the KC-area's only (basically) full-time CX practice playground, and you won't be dodging soccer balls, frisbees, or cars on either side of Ward Parkway. That drive to the middle of nowhere is worth it, when you see the winding course, Belgian-like sandy downhill, stair climb, and legit barriers (in a day or two, I hope).

Get busy setting that line today or tomorrow after work. Or, jump on The Facebook and see what's what.

This year's course is new, too, so prepare thy Strava device, if you want to be the 2013-14 KOM.

Same warnings apply this year:

  • Park by the grove of trees along Frisbee Road.
  • CARRY your bike to the course on the other side of the levee (goat thorns present).
  • Don't deviate from the mowed course, if you want to avoid thorns.
  • Realize you may still run into thorns. Go tubeless if you can, and report bad areas so others will know.
  • Spread the word about RiverfrontCX.
  • Ride early and often; get strong.
  • Can someone with an Earthriders account update that thread?

Monday, September 30, 2013

The week ahead

Look for at least one new mid-week intensity opportunity, since it's October:
Wednesday: This means Swayze Memorial race-like action, somewhere in midtown. Roanoke Park is always in the mix, it seems, but there's been talk of some other places, too. Check the Swayze Memorial CX blog, and it that's not updated, check with the Volker Bikes The Facebook.

Saturday/Sunday: 360 Cup at Lawrence Centennial Park.  Dry and bumpy last year, might see some rain this time around? (Flyer at right.)

Belgium: Sunday is the big event, this time it's Superprestige Ruddervoorde. Funky hills there, not monster climbs (like Manions).

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Take that, PDX, and everyone else!

We got it ALL this weekend at Manions, for a fantastic kickoff to this season of Kansas City cyclocross.

If you somehow managed to race all classes (might ask Brian West, since he did a bang-up job with the SS and Open double just a few hours ago), you saw standard Manions conditions, rain, slick mud, sticky/derailleur-grabbing mud, more slick mud, boggy ground, spongy ground, and finally near-dusting speedway conditions.

Yeah, that might be a standard rain/drying event at other two-day CX gatherings, but you don't race through a barn every lap, suffer that dang ditch, then have Garrett "G-Wiz" Steinmetz show and show everyone up, even after dropping a dozen or so spots to a wheelie-induced mechanical.

Those Volker folks throw a party. Manions is a bear, but far, far too cool. St. Mary's is but a distant memory ...

KCA has the results.

Roger has pics from the day up.

Me and some other people saw some stuff:

West had Open at this point, but G-Wiz wasn't getting off his bike for anyone.

Brian West (Cycle City - Kansas City, MO) won SS by a ton, then just about got Open.

Mr. Cycle City Joe Fox went SS and Cat3 (same time as Open), too.

Best Women's Open field in a long time. Kelly Fisher-Goodwin (Boo Bikes - Alexandria, VA, and second from left) took it, new-to-KC Alyssa Severn (Team Yacht Club, Lees Summit, MO -at right) was second (after winning Saturday). Lindsay Lorenz (Slimen Und Grossen - Lawrence, KS - and third from left) was third.

Approaching Mordor, site of Manions, early today.

Cat3 up the hill, lap one.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Awesome today, be at Manion's Sunday

Some things odd about the world today, some not so much.

Odd: Sunny at GP Neerpelt.

Not so odd: Albert did his typical early reason rage, and made fools of everyone there.

Odd: Rain at Manions. You'd think we'd have had this one other time?

Not so odd: Me going backwards there.

You know now, with that weather system gone, Sunday will be a Chamber of Commerce day. Not to be at Manions would be a bad, bad thing. Then again, that course in a reversed direction might just be a bad, bad thing. Methinks it will be somewhat faster than some of today.

Results from Belgium (Soudal GP Neerpelt 2013):

Niels Albert (Bel) BKCP-Powerplus Cycling Team

Sven Nys (Bel) Crelan-Euphony

Philipp Walsleben (Ger) BKCP-Powerplus Cycling Team

Niels going nuts (Anyone bunnyhop The Stitch like that today?):

Results from Manions. (KCA)

Roger's photos aren't up yet.

Some weird GIF thing my Android phone does (W Masters turn two or so).

Nearly the entire Cat4 Men's field, lap two on the first tricky downhill turn. Nice recovery from the first lap seen here. Course was quite slick for a while. This is supposed to be a movie, not this choppy thing. I'll get it one of these days.

And cool, Cat5 Men! Love it. KC Cyclocross rocks on ...

Friday, September 27, 2013

Listen, if you can ride a bike.

Ride a race. You know what? Ride Manions. 

Manions kicks off the KC season Saturday and Sunday. Check it. (This is V13? Oh, we're a little bit older than we used to be.)

Get up early tomorrow and catch SOUDAL GP Neerpelt from Belgium. (Sporza, most likely.)

Keep an eye on the NE Nationals. (Glow-steer, is it?)

Bring the umbrella. Who knows?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

What up with the week?

Reminds me, this is not the week for the weak. It's starting. Get those legs and bikes ready, get that stuff you need at Volker.

Manion's on the weekend. Course map is out there, and has all the hilly goodness we've grown to love and expect. Bring the sunscreen if the forecast holds true. And know that the strength you build there will come in handy for the other 18 or so KC-area races still on the schedule.

Over yonder: SOUDAL GP Neerpelt. (Gloucester if you don't venture into or over the Atlantic, if East Coast is your thing.) Fun course there in Belgium.

And if you're still seeking those skills: Clinics continue with a Wednesday nighter at Epic north o' those rivers, and a Thursday eve again in Lawrence at Joules.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Boss Cross adds a date

Somewhere on this planet, this dude may be smiling.
Not sure what to make of this Boss Cross thing. First they're MIA. Then right about when all hope is lost, Mr. Boss Hogg comes up with a date. (Sunday, Oct. 27 in Shawnee.)

Now, so sayeth The Oracle (the KCA calendar), Boss Cross has yet ANOTHER date, the day before the already-known one, in PARKVILLE (Nice recovery, North of The River). An epic locale, that, for a mess of reasons. And the perfect day (weekend, actually) for this year's batch of starters or first-timers. And me. (Very, very flat Parkville, and somewhat flattish Veterans Park the next day.) "Drivers" courses, I've heard them called, whatever that means.

So mark those calendars and smart phones. Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 26 & 27. Parkville, MO, and Shawnee, KS. Boss Cross.

Rock on, KC cyclocross. Rock on.

Just about a week out

Manions is looming a week from tomorrow. It's all about to begin ...

Maybe you're in WI, for the USGP (?) Sun Prairie Cup? That's the nearest C1 race to us this weekend?

CoMo is tomorrow in Columbia, link to the right, or go straight to The Facebook.

CXMagazine has a nice interview with the World Champ, I'm not sure we'll ever see him race disc brakes.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

CrossVegas happened

Karen Brocket, Jetcycling (Raytown, MO, pretty sure) was 42nd at CrossVegas 2013 last night, and World Champ Sven Nys remained perfect in 2013 with a win, all while resplendent in World Champ White atop a white bike that still says Colnago.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Leawood hot laps tonight

Meet at 6:30 at the tennis courts. Course choice depends on conditions. Be there.

Monday, September 16, 2013

What was and will be

few names we know raced over the weekend in Hermann. (Not current as of this post.)
* USA Cycling has results.

First big Euro UCI race of the season, and Neils Albert (Bkcp-Powerplus) took it like just about expected.

StarCrossed happened.

Manion's talk getting louder.

Joules clinic again Thursday.

And RiverfrontCX might be getting mowed soon. If anyone wants more details on that email me, I might know more than you do.

It's all happening, all at once, it seems like.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Leawood City Park CYCLOCROSS!

Dan, second from right (KC Bicycle Club) was one of the riders spotted.
Are you kidding me? A tight mile-or-so singletrack layout with rollers, log obstacles, and just enough crazy climbs to keep you honest, all in the shadow of a major JoCo soccer location*, and dang near dead center in the county?

Yeah. And it was crawling with CX bikes earlier this weekend. The time must be near.

Want some? Check it. Want to help? Dan Schaeffer is your guy, and you can keep up on what's going on there on The Facebook if you can find the "Leawood City Park Singletrack" group. (Thanks.)

And it's a-okay with Leawood Parks Dept., so trumpet it loud and wide.

* Uh, drop the kids at practice and go practice yourself? Just a thought.